Definition of Rod:

  1. A pistol or revolver.

  2. A fishing rod.

  3. A light-sensitive cell of one of the two types present in large numbers in the retina of the eye, responsible mainly for monochrome vision in poor light.

  4. A linear measure, especially for land, equal to 51/2 yards (approximately 5.029 m).

  5. Thin round, hexagonal, or octagonal solid metal rolled from billets, sold in coils or straight lengths, and used generally for making bolts and nails.

  6. A thin straight bar, especially of wood or metal.

Synonyms of Rod

Maypole, Atomic pile, Automatic, Bar, Baton, Billet, Birch, Blowgun, Blowpipe, Breeder reactor, Bricks, Caduceus, Cane, Cap of dignity, Cap of maintenance, Castigation, Chain of office, Chain reactor, Chain-reacting pile, Chastisement, Club, Coronet, Correction, Crook, Crosier, Cross-staff, Crown, Diadem, Discipline, Ermine, Fasces, Fast pile, Ferule, Firearm, Flagstaff, Flamethrower, Furnace, Gat, Gavel, Great seal, Gun, Handgun, Heater, Heterogeneous reactor, Homogeneous reactor, Ingot, Intermediate pile, Lattice, Mace, Mantle, Musket, Neutron factory, Nuclear furnace, Orb, Paddle, Pandybat, Peashooter, Piece, Pile, Pistol, Plutonium reactor, Pole, Portfolio, Power reactor, Power-breeder reactor, Privy seal, Province, Punition, Purple, Purple pall, Radioactive waste, Rattan, Reactor, Reactor pile, Regalia, Repeater, Revolver, Rifle, Robe of state, Rod of empire, Rod of office, Rods, Royal crown, Ruler, Sawed-off shotgun, Scape, Scepter, Seal, Shaft, Shooting iron, Shotgun, Signet, Six-gun, Six-shooter, Slab, Slow pile, Staff, Stalk, Stellarator, Stem, Stick, Strip, Switch, Tiara, Tongue, Totem pole, Triple plume, Truncheon, Uraeus, Uranium reactor, Wand, Wand of office, Bar, Stick, Pole, Baton, Staff

How to use Rod in a sentence?

  1. He hooked an enormous fish which almost pulled the rod from out of his hands.
  2. Concrete walls reinforced with steel rods.
  3. Messing with our rods and cones, Downings saturated dots stick around perceptually in afterimages.
  4. Nineteen gallons of water is required to fill the tank after traveling 40 rods.

Meaning of Rod & Rod Definition

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