Definition of Robust:

  1. General: Product, process, or system designed for continuous operation with very low downtime, failure rate, variability, and very high insensitivity to a continually changing external environment.

  2. In the world of investing, robust is a characteristic describing a model's, test's, or system's ability to perform effectively while its variables or assumptions are altered. A robust concept will operate without failure and produce positive results under a variety of conditions.

  3. Statistics: Procedure or test that is largely unaffected by departures from assumptions on which it is based.

  4. For statistics, a test is robust if it still provides insight into a problem despite having its assumptions altered or violated. In economics, robustness is attributed to financial markets that continue to perform despite alterations in market conditions. In general, a system is robust if it can handle variability and remain effective.

Synonyms of Robust

Able-bodied, Active, Acute, Aggressive, Animated, Athletic, Beefy, Booming, Bouncing, Brawny, Brisk, Doughty, Dynamic, Energetic, Enterprising, Enthusiastic, Fit, Flavorful, Flush, Forceful, Forcible, Forcy, Fruity, Full of pep, Full-blooded, Full-bodied, Full-strength, Go-go, Gutsy, Gutty, Hale, Hale and hearty, Hard, Hard as nails, Hardy, Healthy, Hearty, Hefty, Husky, Impetuous, Incisive, Intense, Iron-hard, Keen, Kinetic, Lively, Living, Lusty, Mettlesome, Mighty, Muscular, Nervy, Nutty, Obstinate, Peppy, Potent, Powerful, Prospering, Prosperous, Puissant, Pungent, Red-blooded, Rich, Roaring, Robustious, Robustuous, Rude, Rugged, Sapid, Sinewy, Smacking, Snappy, Sound, Spanking, Spirited, Stalwart, Staunch, Steely, Stout, Strapping, Strenuous, Strong, Strong as brandy, Strong as strong, Strong-willed, Sturdy, Take-charge, Take-over, Thrifty, Thriving, Tough, Trenchant, Vibrant, Vigorous, Vital, Vivacious, Vivid, Well-knit, Zestful, Zesty, Zip, Zippy

How to use Robust in a sentence?

  1. Kevin was released from the hospital soon after the accident and his friends were relieved to see him looking cheerful, robust and healthy.
  2. The Farmers Market maintained robust support from the community, due to the high quality food products provided by its vendors.
  3. In business, models are often used to focus on a company's fundamentals, like revenues and earnings.
  4. If a trading system does not deliver positive results over different time frames or during changing market conditions, it is not robust.
  5. Robust models deliver positive results despite changing market conditions.
  6. Financial models are used in portfolio management, building trading systems, and to calculate the value of derivative contracts.
  7. This vehicle must be robust . If it isnt strong then our customers will risk dying out there in the jungle from unreliability.

Meaning of Robust & Robust Definition