Definition of Roaming:

  1. Use a cell phone outside of your calling range. Although incoming calls may be free (received from callers), outgoing calls are usually more expensive when roaming.

Synonyms of Roaming

Divagation, Nomadic, Landloping, Ramble, Migratory, Gypsyish, Floating, Drifting, Discursive, Meandering, Itineracy, Vagabondia, Vagrant, Vagabond, Straggling, Migrational, Circumforaneous, Hoboism, Vagabondage, Vagabondism, Errantry, Straying, Rove, Transient, Wandering, Bumming, Pererration, Footloose, Shifting, Footloose and fancy-free, Roving, Discursion, Errant, Rambling, Nomadism, Roam, Gadding, Transitory, Wayfaring, Vagrancy, Wanderjahr, Afoot and lighthearted, Strolling, Ranging, Traipsing, Nomad, Flitting, Transmigratory, Fugitive, Wanderlust, Divagatory, Peregrination, Itinerancy, Gypsy-like

How to use Roaming in a sentence?

  1. When I received my mobile phone bill, I was shocked and doubled the amount compared to the previous month. I called the operator and found out that all the calls I had received from my sister's house since I left were out of reach.
  2. Whenever you travel, make sure you know your roaming costs to avoid charges.
  3. My friend called me outside his apartment, walking down the hall, laughing and saying hello.

Meaning of Roaming & Roaming Definition