Road Rage

Road Rage,

What Does Road Rage Mean?

  • An incident in which an angry driver threatens to injure or threaten a driver, pedestrian or other passenger.

Literal Meanings of Road Rage


Meanings of Road:
  1. Wide roads from one place to another, especially those whose surface is specially prepared for vehicles.

  2. A series of events or plans of action that lead to a particular outcome.

  3. (Often in place names) is another term for cloak

Sentences of Road
  1. Rural roads

  2. You are in the process of recovering

Synonyms of Road

port, thoroughfare, highway, anchorage, roadway, harbour, mooring, roads


Meanings of Rage:
  1. Strong and uncontrollable anger.

  2. Expressing or expressing uncontrollable violent anger.

Sentences of Rage
  1. His face was full of anger

  2. He was angry at the waste of everything

Synonyms of Rage

be infuriated, pet, fit of fury, have a fit, be beside oneself, paroxysm of anger, fume, spit, be angry, be incensed, tantrum, frenzy of rage, temper, be boiling over, burn, breathe fire, be furious, passion, frenzy of anger, fit of ill temper