Riva Snowboard

Riva Snowboard

Are Reva Snowboards Good? 3

I have one that is all plastic, looks good but isn't it?

Hahaha ..... I'm sorry but this is not Reva. If you are thinking of going to the resort with this advice! Tell the camera

Surprisingly, I remember seeing the Reva snowboard for the first time at Kmart a few years ago and thought it was kind of a joke. He had never heard of it.

Features Riva Lamar and LTD like Porsche. Tell us if you have a receipt and you can still return it. For everyone's love and affection, give back and buy something else. I can't believe I'm saying this, but if you want to save money, a Lamar or LTD card is better than a Riva.

The original snowboard is not a piece of plastic that came from Wal-Mart, it is for those who want a cheap ride in the backyard, not a real resort trip.

Oh, this is a scraper. I strongly advise you not to push like a dengue child. One of the reasons boards are cheap, you have no edges or ... they all spin right. Ok i

Riva Snowboard