Definition of Risk:

  1. Potential or dangerous damage due to external or internal weakness, injury, liability, loss or other adverse events that can be avoided by taking precautionary measures.

  2. Securities Trading: Potential Loss or Depreciation. Trade risk is divided into two general types: (1) Systemic risk affects all securities of the same class and is related to the general capital market system and, therefore, is not eliminated by diversification. can go. It is also known as market risk. (2) Unorganized risk is any risk that has nothing to do with the market or is not systemic. It is also known as non-market risk, foreign market risk or non-system risk.

  3. Situations that are at risk.

  4. Insurance: A situation in which a known variable (such as a fire in a building) is known, but not some type of event or its actual value (if a particular property catches fire). A hazard is not an uncertainty (which neither determines the probability nor the nature of the event), a hazard (cause of harm) or a hazard (something that makes the hazard more likely or more serious) Is likely).

  5. Food industry: Some possible adverse effects due to certain hazards in food.

  6. Financial: The actual return on investment is likely to be less than the expected return. Financial risk is divided into the following types: underlying risk, capital risk, country risk, default risk, remittance risk, economic risk, exchange rate risk, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, operational Risk, system risk, payment risk, political risk, refinancing risk, reinvestment risk, resettlement risk, country risk and underwriting risk.

  7. Loss, loss or exposure of loss (to someone or something of value).

  8. Workplace: The consequences and possibilities of a dangerous event or phenomenon. For example, it is thought that exposure to a potential carcinogen increases the risk of developing cancer for a lifetime.

Synonyms of Risk

The breaks, Wager, Openness, Accident, Casualness, Unsoundness, Unsteadiness, Run the chance, Investment, Bet, Statistical probability, Break, Confront, Bid fair to, Jeopardize, Peril, Venture, Shiftingness, Dare, Insolidity, Put in danger, Riskiness, Perilousness, Gamble on, Meet, Unauthenticity, Serendipity, Brave, Probability, Strait, Uncertainty, Unreliability, Admit of, Trust to chance, Fortuity, Take a chance, Speculate, Put, Calculated risk, Fate, Precariousness, Cause for alarm, Try the chance, Face up to, Hap, Prognosticate, Thin ice, Crisis, Likelihood, Accidentality, Shakiness, Adventure, Peril, Theory of probability, Storm clouds, Prime investment, Imperilment, Hazard, Rocks ahead, Breakers ahead, Heedless hap, Place, Compromise, Plow back into, Defy, Treacherousness, Good fortune, Chance, Buy into, Endanger, Imperil, Dangerous ground, Whatever comes, Play with fire, Rely on fortune, Gathering clouds, Stand to gain, Unsolidity, Bet, How they fall, Insecurity, Tempt fortune, Indeterminacy, Expose to danger, Endanger, Unsubstantiality, Play, Financier, Jeopardy, Unsureness, Incur danger, Law of averages, Beard, Prospect, Desultoriness, Invest in, Undependability, Gamble, Probability, Reinvest, Court destruction, Insubstantiality, Pass, Plunge, Flukiness, Defy danger, Run of luck, Set at hazard, Threat, Wager, Encounter, Forget the odds, Speculation, Be liable, Hazard, Make book, Venture, Run a chance, Adventitiousness, Chance it, Luck, Moira, Imperil, Put in danger, Menace, Endangerment, Pinch, Jeopardize, Stand a chance, Speculativeness, Happenstance, Put on the line, Liability, Sink, Encounter danger, Take a flier, Fortune, Gamble, Buy in, Invest, Opportunity, Treachery, Infirmity, Stand to lose, Principle of indeterminacy, Exposure, Gamble with, Quicksand, Make an investment, Take a chance with, Lay out money, Be subjected to, Ticklishness, Good luck, Shiftiness, Put in jeopardy, Jeopard, Stand fair to, Plight, Put in jeopardy, Lie under, Indeterminateness, Problematicness, Danger, Chance, Chance, Random sample, Unauthoritativeness, Fortuitousness, Slipperiness, Flier, Untrustworthiness, Put at risk, Gamble with, Destiny, Instability, Gaping chasm, Sink money in, Tempt Providence, Happy chance, Predicament, Predict, Uncertainty principle, Take chances, Run the risk, Actuarial calculation, Unfaithworthiness, Menace, Cardhouse, Possibility, Emergency, Fear, House of cards, Liableness, Face, Lay open, Danger, Lot, Expose, Unsteadfastness, Threat

How to use Risk in a sentence?

  1. Breaking the law is very dangerous.
  2. Bob isn't sure if he can drive home drunk, but he doesn't want to leave his car at the bar at night, so he takes the wheel and runs the risk of driving home.
  3. When trying to decide which companies to look for, the most risky company can get the most profit.
  4. Making money in the stock market is always risky because you can never be sure that the stock market will rise or fall.
  5. He risked his life to save his dog.

Meaning of Risk & Risk Definition