Risk Register

Risk Register,

Risk Register means,

  • In the practical business risk management framework, the risk register is a list of internal and external risks that the company faces. It has become the language of common risk for the company. In addition to explaining the risks, you need to clearly define the owner of each risk. This increases alignment and accountability.

Literal Meanings of Risk Register


Meanings of Risk:
  1. Expose loss, damage or loss to anyone or anything of value.

  2. Conditions involved in exposure to hazards.

Sentences of Risk
  1. Disobeying the law is very dangerous

Synonyms of Risk

endanger, jeopardize, peril, possibility, take a chance with, expose to danger, imperil, danger, chance, put in danger, put in jeopardy, menace, bet, put on the line, gamble with, fear, prospect, hazard, probability, wager, put at risk, gamble, likelihood, threat, venture


Meanings of Register:
  1. Enter or save official lists or directories.

  2. Automatically recognizes and displays (measured value)

  3. Expression or transmission (opinion or emotion)

  4. Match or match in exact position.

  5. Official lists or records, such as births, marriages and deaths, ships or historical sites.

  6. A specific part of the accent or instrument scale.

  7. The diversity or level of use of language is determined by the level of formality and the choice of words, pronunciation and syntax, depending on the user's communication purpose, social context and social constitution.

  8. Match the position of the colored components on the correct print.

Sentences of Register
  1. The ship is registered as Liberia

  2. The electroscope does not respond well to small changes

  3. I want to oppose

  4. Adjust to capture feedback

  5. Membership card

  6. Raises your voice record

  7. It is common in some English languages ​​and registries to have this grammar box.

  8. Do you regularly check the heating / cooling coil for dirty or stuffed items?

  9. The main record in which a Roman emperor rode a horse

Synonyms of Register

testify to, indicate, betray, note, inscribe, exhibit, file, disclose, record, schedule, evidence, region, catalogue, bespeak, put in writing, take down, read, post, report, range, reflect, demonstrate, official list, reveal, express