Risk It For The Biscuit

Risk It For The Biscuit

Where is the risk of the cookie?

| After doing some research, I found that it was probably a 1970s commercial for a cereal bar called Swisskit. The slogan was something like Risk it for a Swisskit, and I think after running it for a few years it eventually got elevated to Risk it for a biscuit credits.

People also ask: Would you risk it for a cookie?

The original term was simpler, Risk it for Biscuit. I laugh. It’s probably just because nursery rhymes and cookies can be a concept for money.

Second, what does it mean to risk everything?

It’s a slang term when people do risky things. This term is used when a person is about to do something dangerous that could harm themselves, their career, their family, everything they love, etc. They don’t care if they do. Here are some examples.

Person 1: Whoever jumps off this cliff risks everything!What is this example cookie for?

The definition of BISCUIT is an attractive person or cookieWhat does the risk of a cookie mean?

risk for the cookie. (daily, humorous) Take the opportunity to get a benefit or a reward.

Who said no risk, no cookies?

This happened after Mike Tomlin told Ariani that he would try to get him a raise. No risk, no cookies: it’s not just Arian’s training philosophy, it’s the way he lives his life.

What is a Swiss kit?

Swisskit bar. In the 1970s, advertising for Swisskit chocolate bars had the slogan: Take no chances for a Swisskit. It showed a man rolling down a slope and then (surprise, surprise!) Crash into a tree.

What does biscuit son mean?

Son of a Cookie

What is a Daughter Cookie?

Underage girl who has the potential to get hot when she is older. She is a cookie, of course.

What does it mean to sexually butter my cookies?

User Information: Awesome_Bastard. Awesome_Bastard 8 years ago # 12. Bread and butter = money. butter my cookies = means to work … usually for money, but you can only kill yourself on scv so you don’t have to pay them later.

What does it mean to kiss my cookie?

Composition. Musically, Biscuit is a pop song where Levan sings about kissing his cookie, which is a euphemism for his ■■■, derived from the southern expression Throw my ■■■ and call me cookie.

What Do Mustache Cookies Mean?

A mustache biscuit is a patented arrow rest with synthetic bristles and a hole in the center to completely enclose the pilaxel and keep it in perfect alignment and allow feathers or pike to pass easily, so there is no problem loosening the fletching.

What do the creepy cookies mean?

We tend to say this when something is wrong and it scares us.

Has anyone else heard this phrase?

Not me, but the Urban Dictionary has an entry for when something is scary enough.

What is the name of a biscuit in England?

Cookies (UK) / Cookie (US)

What does cookie mean in England?

The word biscuit comes from the Latin bis, which means twice, and coctus, which means cooked. The term was used in England since the 14th century to describe pastry which is baked and then dried to create a hard, flat element that softens over time and becomes delicious when placed in a cup of tea.

Is a cookie a cookie?

Cookie is a term for sweet baked goods, dishes. Cookies are a term used to refer to a wide variety of baked foods, most of which are flour-based. Cookies are generally sweet.

Who said you have to take the risk of getting the cookie?

Shawn Colfax

Risk It For The Biscuit