Risk Charge

Risk Charge,

Risk Charge: What is the Meaning of Risk Charge?

  1. The definition of Risk Charge is: In the case of an insurance contract specifically held by a reinsurance company or in the case of an amount retained as a risk under the insurance policy, a portion of the income that exceeds the risk burden is a loan for experience. Refunded to the payer.

Literal Meanings of Risk Charge


Meanings of Risk:
  1. To expose someone who has been harmed, harmed or damaged.

Synonyms of Risk

possibility, chance, probability, likelihood, danger, peril, threat, menace, fear, prospect, endanger, put at risk, put in danger, expose to danger, put on the line, take a chance with, imperil, jeopardize, put in jeopardy, hazard, gamble, gamble with, bet, wager, venture


Meanings of Charge:
  1. Demand (quantity) as a person's price for a service or item.

  2. Give (someone) a job, such as a duty or responsibility.

  3. Make a list of heraldic relationships.

  4. Sale price of goods or services.

  5. Charges are usually formally brought against a convicted felon.

  6. The responsibility to take care of or control someone or something.

  7. The properties of matter that are responsible for electrical phenomena and are present positively or negatively.

  8. Many explosives exploded to fire pistols or the like.

  9. Forward flight is usually carried out by attacking soldiers in combat.

  10. A device or deposit placed on a plate or ridge.

Sentences of Charge
  1. He charged me 22 for a postcard

  2. He was charged with assault

  3. The committee was tasked with transforming the education system

  4. Can be used in shaver charge and transit

  5. The plan is to attack the enemy soon

  6. The silver streamer is filled with a cross of gills

  7. Admission fee

  8. Appeared in court for attempted murder

  9. Is a student, not an experimental subject

  10. Water molecules are attracted not only to each other, but also to any molecule that has a positive or negative charge.

  11. A small load is attracted to the three minute fuse which is manually activated

Synonyms of Charge

ask in payment, ask, fix a charge, fix a price, impose, levy, accuse of, indict for, arraign for, entrust, rush, move quickly, storm, stampede, career, tear, push, plough, swoop, dive, lunge, launch oneself, throw oneself, go headlong, fee