Risk averse

Risk averse,

Definition of Risk averse:

  1. In investing, risk equals price volatility. A volatile investment can make you rich or devour your savings. A conservative investment will grow slowly and steadily over time.

  2. Disinclined or reluctant to take risks.

  3. The term risk-averse describes the investor who chooses the preservation of capital over the potential for a higher-than-average return.

  4. Not wanting to take risks.

How to use Risk averse in a sentence?

  1. Risk-averse investors generally favor dividend growth stocks, municipal and corporate bonds, CDs, and savings accounts.
  2. Risk-averse investors prioritize the safety of principal over the possibility of a higher return on their money.
  3. Risk-averse investors.
  4. They prefer liquid investments. That is, their money can be accessed when needed, regardless of market conditions at the moment.

Meaning of Risk averse & Risk averse Definition