Risk-adjusted Return On Capital (RAROC)

Risk-adjusted Return On Capital (RAROC),

Risk-adjusted Return On Capital (RAROC) Definition:

  • The definition of Risk-adjusted Return On Capital (RAROC) is: Return on equity (ROE), the pattern of which is reduced as a result of the risk associated with the instrument or project. It is a term used in the financial services and enterprise risk management (ERM) industry. In the insurance industry, RAROC is commonly used to assess the relative performance of business segments that have different levels of risk, with different levels of risk reflected in the dominator. According to the RAROC, a review of financial performance requires a comparison with benchmark performance. They are the same, although the term Rarock still applies.

  • Risk-adjusted Return On Capital (RAROC) can be defined as, A risk adjusted return on investment (RAROC) is a revised return on investment (ROI) that takes into account the risk factor. In financial analysis, high-risk projects and investments need to be assessed differently. Therefore, RAROC takes into account changes in investment profiles when discounting risky cash flows with less risky cash flows.

    • Risk-adjusted return on investment (RAROC) is a measure of risk-adjusted return on investment.
    • This is done with the assumption that risk plans will come with more expected returns.
    • RAROC is often used by banks and other companies in the financial sector.

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