What Does Ripple Mean?

The definition of Ripple is: Wave is a term used to describe the daily fluctuations in stock prices. During the development of Dow Theory, the basic framework for investing in technical analysis was discussed.

  • Ripple is a term used to describe the daily fluctuations in stock prices and is a principle of Dow Theory.
  • The term Ripple comes from the idea of ​​the Dow Theory of Simultaneous Price Movement, which also includes Ab, Wave and Wave.
  • Dow Theory authors believe that these waves are important when viewed as a group theory, but dangerous and unreliable when viewed individually.

Meanings of Ripple

  1. A small wave or series of waves on the surface of the water, especially if something is caused by a fall or a light breeze.

  2. A kind of ice cream with wavy lines made of flavored colored syrup.

  3. (Water) forms or flows in a series of small waves on the surface.

Sentences of Ripple

  1. He dived into the pool and barely escaped the waves

  2. Raspberry wave

  3. The Mediterranean points and shines

Synonyms of Ripple

lap, pucker, wrinkle, undulation, undulate, ridge, ruffle, form ripples, form ripples on, popple, crease, wave, purl, wavelet, ripplet, flow in wavelets, babble