Definition of Riot:

  1. The mob disturbed the peace in a peaceful manner.

  2. Participate in violent public unrest.

  3. Very funny or amusing person or object.

  4. Violence by two or more people. The number of people forced to protest varies according to state law.

  5. Offering something impressive or different.

Synonyms of Riot

Create a riot, Yarn, General uprising, Myriads, Substantialness, Rich harvest, Play, Looting, Civil disorder, Fuss, Flourish, Uprising, Double entendre, Sowing with salt, Sack, To-do, Comedienne, Root, Hit, Mutiny, Repletion, Combat, Fray, Opulence, Rib tickler, Run riot, Ruckus, Leaf out, Avalanche, Uproar, Brouhaha, Scuffle, Extravagance, Profusion, Flourish, Free-for-all, Broil, Sacking, Violate, Onslaught, Raise an uproar, Cut loose, Abundance, Strive, Meteoric success, Fracas, Stir, Outburst, Furore, Collide, Strife, Take root, Quantities, Run wild, Sensation, Make a commotion, Struggle, Wrestle, Insurgence, Rage, Barbarize, Generousness, Profuseness, Street fight, Scuffle, Give satisfaction, Belly laugh, Rampage, Leave, Prodigality, Dustup, Joust, More than enough, Assault, Frolic, Go berserk, Joke, Burn, Rise up, Carry on, Contest, Go berserk, Roaring success, Superabundance, Affray, Trouble, Roister, Run wild, Ampleness, Germinate, Misrule, Sprout up, Battering, Dirty story, Melee, Mug, Scream, Shower, Spree, Create a disturbance, Sidesplitter, Mutineer, Fight, Cause an affray, Put forth leaves, Jostle, Foofaraw, Slaughter, Rumpus, Clash, Insurrect, Amplitude, Revolutionize, Teemingness, Sick joke, Peasant revolt, Funny story, Luxuriate, Jest, Forcible seizure, Lots, Point, Rioting, Scuffle, Burgeon, Great success, Tumult, Rave, Brawl, Roil, Rant, Rise, Repleteness, Pillaging, Rampage, Close, Brawl, Raise a rumpus, Rampage, Raise a storm, Rebellion, Bonanza, Hammer, Bumper crop, Laying waste, Emeute, Richness, Run riot, Good one, Loot, Go on the rampage, Battle, Sow chaos, Subvert, Run a tilt, Attack, Great plenty, Exhibition, Ruin, Insurrection, Embroilment, Do, Melee, Mass, Donnybrook fair, Much, Rising, Unrest, Howl, Mix it up, Free-for-all, Batter, Shindy, Grapple with, Fight a duel, Make trouble, Carouse, Upheaval, Pother, Gush, Start a fight, Smash, Splash, Hubbub, Riotousness, Overrun, Row, Overthrow, Fad, Blue story, Liberalness, Reluct, Outbreak, Jacquerie, Fray, Come to blows, Violence, Luxuriance, Mount the barricades, Insurge, Upsprout, Rough-and-tumble, Ample sufficiency, Go wild, Imbroglio, Row, Outpouring, Quarrel, Run amok, Shoot, Maximum, Foison, Scramble, Tear around, Raise a ruckus, Distemper, Scrimmage, Plenitude, Commotion, Fight, Liberality, Racket, Rich vein, Vegetate, Smash hit, Arise, Pillage, Substantiality, Tear, Brutalize, Upspear, Panic, Insurgency, Howler, Box, Flood, War, Massacre, Affluence, Skirmish, Pullulate, Wreck, Plenty, Exuberance, Roar, Ado, Ramp, Disturbance, Anarchy, Disorderliness, Strike, Unruliness, Turbulence, Triumph, Gas, Pell-mell, Brilliant success, Storm, Show, Fullness, Butchery, Bountifulness, Extravaganza, Fun, Sport, Vandalize, Thrust and parry, Feud, Anarchism, Affray, Hassle, Ruction, Terrorize, Revolution, Wow, Dirty joke, Sprout, Fracas, Gemmate, Strike root, Donnybrook, Stream, Give and take, Helter-skelter, Copiousness, Brawl, Landslide, Wassail, Tourney, Rebel, Fight in the streets, Flow, Turmoil, Rape, Destroy, Generosity, Myriad, Laugh, Overflow, Disruption, Numerousness, Spar, Full measure, Gasser, Obstreperousness, Revolute, Prevalence, Wage war, Lay waste, Contend, Comedian, Big hit, Make an ado, Shoot up, Savage, Productiveness, Story, Wealth, Knock-down-and-drag-out, Butcher, Visual joke, Burst forth, Disturbance, Opulency, Maul, Ethnic joke, Extravagance, Grow, Pandemonium, Cut and thrust, Leaf, Tussle, Scads, Laugh, Great abundance, Grapple, Spate, Gag, Go on, Tilt, Plentifulness, Plenteousness, Exchange blows, Fertility, Bountiousness, Lawlessness, Lavish display, Best seller, Duel, Lavishness, Sea, Levee en masse, Commotion, Resounding triumph, Reluctate, Sight gag, Overgrow, Jestbook, Tumult, Violation, Bother, Killing, Good story, Run amok, Bud, Momentary success, Putsch, Hell, Fence, Revolt, Take to the streets, Wheeze, Uproar, Put out buds, Roughhouse, Put forth, Grow rank, Jape, Rassle

How to use Riot in a sentence?

  1. The garden is full of colors.
  2. Student uprising in Paris.
  3. Riots erupted in the capital.

Meaning of Riot & Riot Definition



  • A simple definition of Riot is: One of the dangers of expanding coverage is related to urban unrest, but more widely.

  • Meaning of Riot: The legal definition of insurgency is to work with three or more people and to violently disrupt public peace for a specific purpose, often leading to widespread destruction, looting and attacks on innocent people.

Meanings of Riot

  1. Violent disruption of peace by the people.

  2. Impressive or different representation of something.

  3. People or things that are really funny or fun.

  4. Participate in violent public outcry.

Sentences of Riot

  1. Riots broke out in the capital

  2. The garden is a arena of colors

Synonyms of Riot

storm , stir , racket , brannigan , anarchy , strife , anarchism , uproar , distemper , street fighting , fuss , misrule , quarrel , tumult , shivaree , free-for-all , brawl , confusion , to-do , rumpus , trouble , ruction , lawlessness , scene , ruckus , commotion , turmoil , rumble , disturbance , turbulence