Ring Fence/Fencing

Ring Fence/Fencing,

Ring Fence/Fencing means,

  • The definition of Ring Fence/Fencing is: When the company's assets or other funds are reserved for a specific purpose and cannot be used. This is usually due to regulatory, financial or financial reasons. It is also often used to refer to hedge-based transfer of assets through offshore accounting to reduce the tax burden. When choosing a travel destination, you need to carefully consider the legal and regulatory environment of the destination.

Literal Meanings of Ring Fence/Fencing


Meanings of Ring:
  1. All around (of someone else or something) especially for protection or custody.

  2. Place a loop of duct tape around the noses of oxen, pigs or other farm animals to guide or control it.

  3. A small round ring, usually made of precious metal and often made of one or more precious stones, is worn on the finger as an ornament or symbol of marriage, duty, or authority.

  4. Circular or ring shaped item.

  5. A closed space, surrounded by seats for spectators, where a game, performance or performance takes place.

  6. A group of people who come together for a common interest or purpose, especially in connection with illegal or immoral activities.

  7. Another term for closed chain

  8. Two binary operations, a combination of elements with addition and multiplication, the second is divided into the first and adjacent to it.

Sentences of Ring
  1. The court is surrounded by police

  2. In the mid-1850s, there was a fine for not inviting pigs

  3. Diamond ring

  4. Fried onion pieces

  5. Circus ring

  6. Police interrogated the drug gang

Synonyms of Ring

society, dial, toll, band, give someone a ring, ringing, cartel, arena, ground, consortium, gird, reach, mob, call up, circle, enclosure, girdle, place a call, cabal, coterie, fence in, chime, telephone, union, alliance


Meanings of Fence:
  1. Attach it to the fence or protect it.

  2. Commerce (Stolen Goods)

  3. Fighting with the sword is basically a game.

  4. Obstacles, balustrades or other vertical structures, usually made of wood or wire, that limit an area of ‚Äč‚Äčland to mark boundaries, control access or prevent leakage.

  5. Protect or drive on planes, saws or other tools.

  6. People selling stolen goods.

Sentences of Fence
  1. Our garden is not a complete fence

  2. Anders then took a wooden sword and ended up with one of the grandchildren.

  3. The group broke through a fence Friday to enter a school grounds in the northern suburbs of Beijing, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported.

  4. This leaves a small surface area at the back of the tape, large enough to carry the fence into the ship.

Synonyms of Fence

bound, encircle, surround, enclosure, dealer in stolen goods, railing, circle, hurdle, paling, form a barrier around, encompass, receive stolen goods, receiver of stolen goods, enclose, form a ring round, bar, rail, circumscribe, barrier, deal in stolen goods


Meanings of Fencing:
  1. Sword, especially a game of foil, sword or sword fighting according to a set of rules to score points against opponents.

  2. Fence line

Sentences of Fencing
  1. Cigarette sheet

  2. Safety fence