Definition of Rightsizing:

  1. The process of restructuring or reorganizing a company's business through cost reduction, staff reduction, or management restructuring. The goal is to manage the business well in order to maximize profits. Companies often use the term "resize" instead of reducing it because it seems less drastic. After losing four-quarters of the money, the company felt the need to turn things around.

  2. (Some) Convert to appropriate and ideal size.

How to use Rightsizing in a sentence?

  1. Companies are starting to reshape their IT systems.
  2. When we interviewed the candidate, he said that, unfortunately, it was the result of a change in size. I was in a department that was overburdened and needed to cut jobs.
  3. Unfortunately, while the company was researching the cost-effectiveness of several employees, Jim changed his mind when his manager called him and said he would be fired.
  4. We suggest that organizations pledge to change initiatives to ensure that every employee's role is of ideal value to the company.

Meaning of Rightsizing & Rightsizing Definition