Definition of Rightsizing:

  1. The process of a corporation reorganizing or restructuring their business by cost-cutting, reduction of workforce, or reorganizing upper-level management. The goal is to get the company molded properly to achieve the maximum profit. The term rightsizing is often used by companies instead of downsizing because it sounds less drastic. The company felt that rightsizing was necessary after four quarters of losses..

  2. Convert (something) to an appropriate or optimum size.

How to use Rightsizing in a sentence?

  1. Organizations are beginning to rightsize computer systems to suit themselves.
  2. When we interviewed the candidate, he explained he was unfortunately a result of rightsizing . He was in a department that was overstaffed, and they needed to cut positions.
  3. When the company was looking at the cost-benefit ratio of certain employees, Jim was unfortunately a victim of rightsizing when his manager called him and told him he was being let go.
  4. We suggested that the organization engage in rightsizing to ensure each employees duties were being optimally valuable to the company.

Meaning of Rightsizing & Rightsizing Definition