Rights Of Residents

Rights Of Residents,

What is Rights Of Residents?

  • A variety of legal rights are provided by federal and state legislation regarding the rights of nursing home residents. The minimum rights for citizens established by federal law are as follows.

    • Treated with respect
    • Participate in various activities
    • Free from discrimination
    • Safe from harassment and neglect
    • Get rid of all restrictions
    • File a complaint
    • Get proper medical help
    • Tell your representative
    • Learn more about services and prices
    • Manage your money
    • Get privacy, property and proper housing conditions
    • Spend time with visitors
    • Get social services
    • Get out of the health home
    • Protection against unfair removal or dismissal
    • Train or join groups
    • Add your family and friends

    May provide legal restrictions on violations. Some of the ultimate long-term care liability (LTC) insurance policies available in the market today include special allowances for violating the Housing Rights Act, without which protection can be questioned.

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