Right To Setoff

Right To Setoff,

What is Right To Setoff?

  • The legal rights of the debtor to settle all or part of the obligations owed by the other party, to receive a loan for the amount owed by the other party to the debtor.

Literal Meanings of Right To Setoff


Meanings of Right:
  1. What is morally correct, fair or honorable?

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Meanings of Setoff:
  1. An item or value that may or may not be offset by someone in progress

  2. Steps or shoulders that reduce the thickness of a building or machine part.

  3. Accidental transfer of ink from one sheet or page to another before deleting.

Sentences of Setoff
  1. In a speech at the Washington Economic Club yesterday, he said he was "open" to general budget cuts and advocated for compensation to cover humanitarian costs.

Right To Setoff,

Right To Setoff Meanings:

  • Right To Setoff means: Legal rights of the applicant to lend on the other party’s loan while applying the other party’s loan on the other party’s loan

Literal Meanings of Right To Setoff


Meanings of Right:
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Synonyms of Right

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Meanings of Setoff:
  1. An item or value that is issued or offset by another.

  2. Step or shoulder where the thickness of a part of a building or machine is reduced.

  3. Accidental transfer of ink from one print sheet or page to another.