What is The Definition of Riders?

A life insurance supplement that sometimes creates more coverage at an additional cost. Free passengers can be a huge addition to life insurance, while passengers who increase their premiums may not be needed. A policy agent can help you decide if a particular clause is worth considering.

Meanings of Riders

  1. A person who rides a horse or stallion, bicycle, motorbike, etc.

  2. A condition or reservation in which something has already been agreed upon.

  3. A small load on the balance beam for fine adjustment.

Sentences of Riders

  1. Near Two Knights Cottage

  2. Autumn Passage: As the storm moves north, we seek refuge

Synonyms of Riders

limitations, qualifications, traveler , restrictions, requirements, straphanger , provisos, passenger , horseman, horse rider, gaucho , horseman/woman , constraints, rider, conditions, caveats, suburbanite , riders, prerequisites, cowboy , horsewoman, stipulations, contingencies, reservations, horseback rider , obligations