Definition of Rider:

  1. If one of the parties decides to buy a sweater, there will be additional costs. Basically low because their signatures are low.

  2. A condition or reservation that includes something that has already been said or asked about.

  3. A person who can ride or ride a bicycle, especially a horse, bicycle, motorcycle or snowboard.

  4. A small load on the balance beam for fine adjustment.

  5. Drivers, documents or papers that incorporate, modify or delete the terms of the relevant or linked agreement or agreement (e.g., insurance policy) or the negotiating instruments. See together.

  6. A driver is an insurance policy that adds or changes benefits in terms of the basic insurance policy. Authentication provides policymakers with the option of additional coverage or may limit or limit its coverage.

Synonyms of Rider

Stipulations, Workhorse, Thill horse, Supplement, Postscript, Constraints, Stalking-horse, Leader, Circus rider, Coda, Hackney, Riders, Companion bills amendment, Roadster, Sumpter, Riding horse, Postboy, Cavalryman, Steeplechaser, Prerequisites, Privileged question, Jockey, Cavalier, Hunter, Horseman, Epilogue, Lead, Polo pony, Horse rider, Draft horse, Horseback rider, Restrictions, Infix, Thiller, Roughrider, Filler, Addendum, Mount, Interlineation, Caveats, Suffix, Horsebacker, Chevalier, Horsewoman, Dray horse, Calendar, Escalator clause, Gigster, Road horse, Tail, Equestrian, Equestrienne, Qualifications, Rider, Jockey, Puncher, Appendix, Post-horse, Broncobuster, Saving clause, Marginalia, Note, Saddle horse, Carriage horse, Obligations, Joker, Scholia, Trick rider, Envoi, Affix, Horse soldier, Cowpuncher, Codicil, Gaucho, Omnibus bill, Requirements, Caballero, Question, Sumpter horse, Prefix, Proviso, Conditions, Provisos, Shaft horse, Buckaroo, Cart horse, Contingencies, Mounted policeman, Bidet, Wheeler, Rouncy, Reservations, Cowgirl, Palfrey, Jument, Dragnet clause, Clause, Knight, Provisions, Wheelhorse, Bill, Enclitic, Pole horse, Interpolation, Limitations, Commentary, Pack horse, Cavalry horse, Horseman, Motion, Enacting clause, Hold-up bill, Cowboy, Plow horse, Saddler, Horsewoman, Fill horse, Remount, Proclitic, Postilion, Driving horse, Limits, Hack, Allonge, Vaquero

How to use Rider in a sentence?

  1. The movie star has a sweater on a health nut deal that states that an expensive personal trainer / nutritionist goes anywhere at the expense of the studio.
  2. Office Driver: When the storm subsided we ran for safety.
  3. Two horsemen approached the cottage.
  4. Insurance brokers recommend that we have a driver on our home insurance that covers all the buildings we have.
  5. You may need additional clauses in some contracts to ensure that everything in the business runs smoothly.

Meaning of Rider & Rider Definition