Rider (Waiver)

Rider (Waiver),

What is The Meaning of Rider (Waiver)?

  • You can define Rider (Waiver) as, Addition or exclusion of official written statement from insurers to insurers, changes and changes in insurance coverage. This can be done by removing coverage for certain diseases such as cancer, hepatitis or adding coverage for these diseases.

Literal Meanings of Rider (Waiver)


Meanings of Rider:
  1. A person who can walk or ride anything, especially a horse, bicycle, motorcycle or snowboard.

  2. A condition or reservation in which something has been said or requested.

  3. A small load on the balance beam for fine adjustment.

Sentences of Rider
  1. Near Two Knights Cottage

  2. Autumn Passage: As the storm moves north, we seek refuge

Synonyms of Rider

horse rider, caveats, limits, horsewoman, prerequisites, reservations, limitations, provisos, horseman, restrictions, jockey, obligations, riders, requirements, rider, stipulations, contingencies, constraints, provisions, qualifications, conditions


Meanings of Waiver:
  1. Rights or waiver measures or matters.

Sentences of Waiver
  1. Your approval may be a waiver

Synonyms of Waiver

disaffirmation, deferral, abandonment, abdication, rejection, dispensation, disavowal, refusal, relinquishment, repudiation, renunciation, surrender