Ricardian Equivalence

Ricardian Equivalence,

Ricardian Equivalence Meanings:

  1. Record equality is an economic theory that states that financing public spending on current or future taxes (and current deficits) will have an equal impact on the economy as a whole.

    • The record equation states that the deficit in public spending is equal to the current tax expenditure.
    • Because taxpayers will save on expected future tax payments, this could offset the economic impact of the increase in public spending.
    • This view was widely interpreted as undermining the Kenyan idea that spending in deficits could increase economic productivity in the short term.

Literal Meanings of Ricardian Equivalence


Meanings of Ricardian:
  1. With reference to the time of one of the three kings of England, Ricardo I, II and III.

  2. Contemporary or Ricardo III followers.

  3. Reference or title to the education of the political economist David Ricardo (1772-1823).

  4. David Ricardo theorist.

Sentences of Ricardian
  1. Richard's mysterious death at Pontfrekt Castle was the result of this "record-breaking" threat.

  2. The article argues that the correct assumption must be on the record, as Marshall was timely in correcting the record-breaking tax theory.


Meanings of Equivalence:
  1. The condition is equal to value, price, function, etc.

Sentences of Equivalence
  1. The Supreme Court first formulates the principle of autonomy of the national procedure, which is qualified in terms of equality and practical possibility.

Synonyms of Equivalence

equality, agreement, interchangeability, uniformity, identicalness, indistinguishability, identity, equalness, sameness