Definition of Rework:

  1. Make changes to the original version of (something).

  2. Correcting of defective, failed, or non-conforming item, during or after inspection. Rework includes all follow-on efforts such as disassembly, repair, replacement, reassembly, etc.

  3. Actual or standard cost of correcting defective work.

Synonyms of Rework

Improve, Make better, Better, Ameliorate, Refine, Mend, Rectify, Correct, Rehabilitate

How to use Rework in a sentence?

  1. There was the determination that a rework was necessary as the product was not up to acceptable standards for us.
  2. My son wrote a very lengthy essay for his high school Economics class, but was somewhat disappointed when the teacher returned it to him with the request to rework the paper.
  3. He reworked the orchestral score for two pianos.
  4. We had to rework the scene until we had a good feel for how everything would run and how the performances were going to come together.

Meaning of Rework & Rework Definition