Definition of Revolver:

  1. Revolver can be defined as, Revolver refers to a borrower, individual or company that has a monthly balance through a revolving credit line. Lenders only need to make a minimum monthly payment, which is used to pay interest and reduce large debts. Revolver is used in corporate finance to finance working capital needs, which are expenses for day-to-day operations, such as payroll.

    • Revolver is a policyholder, whether natural or legal, who maintains a monthly balance through a revolving credit line.
    • The term is derived from revolving credit, a financial aid that allows the borrower to keep credit lines open to a certain extent and make a minimum monthly payment based on the balance of the contract and interest. Identity
    • Non-renewable financing is a loan that offers a single repayment to the borrower, which has to be repaid on time.
    • Low adoption rates and lucrative benefits make revolving credit lines attractive to consumers and small businesses.

Meanings of Revolver

  1. A revolving pistol that can be used to fire multiple shots without reloading.

Sentences of Revolver

  1. Weapons include revolvers, semi-automatic pistols and machine guns.