What is The Definition of Revoke?

  • Meaning of Revoke: How to cancel or revoke a legal document.

Meanings of Revoke

  1. Terminate authenticity or action (any decision, decision or promise)

  2. (In bridge, whistle and other card games) they don't keep up, though they can.

Sentences of Revoke

  1. They appealed and the sentence was overturned.

  2. The tie is considered a small whistle, but the open hand cannot be withdrawn.

Synonyms of Revoke

nullify, void , repeal , quash, renounce , forswear , annul , rescind, abolish , make void, call off , vacate , withdraw , nix , countermand, recant , render invalid, negate , disown , declare null and void , quash , retract , counterorder , cancel, annul, set aside


Revoke: What is the Meaning of Revoke?

  • Cancel or cancel a legal action.

Meanings of Revoke

  1. Officially canceled (decision, decision or promise)

  2. (In Bridge, Whistle and other card games) They don't follow it, although they can.

Synonyms of Revoke

recall, override, disannul, overrule, avoid, reverse, invalidate, abrogate