Definition of Revocation:

  1. Cancellation, withdrawal, or termination of a act, offer, or power (such as power of attorney). Variant: revoke (verb).

  2. The official cancellation of a decree, decision, or promise.

Synonyms of Revocation

Abjuration, Abjurement, Abolishment, Abolition, Abrogation, Absolute contradiction, Annulment, Cancel, Canceling, Cancellation, Cassation, Contradiction, Contrary assertion, Contravention, Controversion, Countering, Countermand, Counterorder, Crossing, Defeasance, Denial, Disaffirmation, Disallowance, Disavowal, Disclaimer, Disclamation, Disowning, Disownment, Disproof, Expatriation, Forswearing, Gainsaying, Impugnment, Invalidation, Nullification, Palinode, Palinody, Recall, Recantation, Refutation, Renege, Reneging, Renouncement, Renunciation, Repeal, Repudiation, Rescinding, Rescindment, Rescission, Retractation, Retraction, Reversal, Revoke, Revokement, Setting aside, Suspension, Unsaying, Vacation, Vacatur, Voidance, Voiding, Waiver, Waiving, Withdrawal, Write-off

How to use Revocation in a sentence?

  1. For those who break the law, revocation of their liquor license may result.

Meaning of Revocation & Revocation Definition