Which brother will you marry? 3

I thought about asking celebrities with high IQs. Like opera for his behavior. And then I want to know why Barbara Walters likes Revisitrol. But Nesti, which brother of Jonas will I marry?

You cannot marry any of them.

They are so hidden that they have adventures in Narnia.

Yes sir. Kevin Jonas is married to Daniel Delisa.

Who's a playboy, who I don't really like? I think Nick or Kevin are good. But Nick is much better for me, can I see that he is fine?

I think Nick likes it when the girls are themselves. And he doesn't like it when women talk too.

By Joe, I said. He likes shapes, he really likes blonde girls, and he likes to party.

Kevin, maybe he wants a girl. Who is funny, friendly and smart?

Yellow, I think what I said is true ..? = D Actless, you are trying to befriend them because I have heard that if anyone contacts them they are for the fans. Want to stay in touch with fans?

Jonas Brothers @ss.

In your dream

Wolford Bermley

Go ahead, they have a questionnaire that will tell you. Ha ha =)



Sorry for what everyone said, but this is a celebrity, no, but it makes sense that you need to know your options.

Yellow will not color any of them when you grow up, their taste will change, they can't sing and they are like mud fences,

You will not marry any of them.

1: It's just.

2: You left because about 5 years later