Reviro Que Es

Reviro Que Es

What is the origin of reversal?

Turnor or Turnor or Sul

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See Upper Pirana

Because you only eat there

Upside down and up


Rivero is a food used in the plains of Arizia and Mesomica Argentina. In the masonry, it is customary for Ojas to prepare the river in the morning, along with his colleagues to prepare it as a nutritious breakfast for the workers.


3 tablespoons of ■■■

Kg of flour

1 cup and

1 egg



Heat the ■■■ in a pan, preferably an iron, and add salt to taste and cold melted flour.

Cook on medium medium ego, stirring constantly until polanta is consistent.

Eggs Add the lightly beaten eggs and stir constantly to serve immediately.

One egg that can be added is the egg.

I inquire

Add cream cheese before serving.

The origin of the twist occurs or appears when Ojas and Manso worked in the Manesis forest, they used this food because of the loneliness of civilization, which only had flour and ■■■ for one day, Dad, they There was time in my eyes on the forest mission

This is not an icon, this is an Argentine mission icon and you should know how it is attributed to German immigrants.

There is a pasta with flour and ■■■ offered for breakfast at Rivero Masons. At the time of the eyes, the only food of the month is soon. That is why it is known that tossing provides energy and strength throughout the day. That is why it is said that when someone is dubbed, he becomes distorted.

Of course, a legend made for tourists says that its origin is in the eyes when the woman on the moon shook a pan full of flour and screamed because she was not involved for the most part. Your tears - they say, form a curve.

Reviro Que Es