Definition of Review:

  1. A ceremonial display and formal inspection of military or naval forces, typically by a sovereign, commander in chief, or high-ranking visitor.

  2. Write a critical appraisal of (a book, play, movie, etc.) for publication in a newspaper or magazine.

  3. Accounting: Financial data analysis that provides less assurance than a full audit, but more than a compilation (which provides no assurance). In a review, an auditor expresses limited assurance that the firms financial statements do not require any material modification for them to be in conformity with the provisions GAAP.

  4. Examine or assess (something) formally with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.

  5. General: Orderly recall of past information in summary form for its reexamination.

  6. View or inspect for a second time or again.

  7. A critical appraisal of a book, play, movie, exhibition, etc., published in a newspaper or magazine.

  8. A formal assessment or examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.

  9. (of a sovereign, commander in chief, or high-ranking visitor) make a ceremonial and formal inspection of (military or naval forces).

Synonyms of Review

Criticism, Critique, Write-up, Notice, Assessment, Evaluation, Judgement, Rating, Commentary, Analysis, Evaluation, Assessment, Appraisal, Examination, Investigation, Scrutiny, Inquiry, Exploration, Probe, Inspection, Study, Audit, Inspection, Parade, Display, Demonstration, Field day, Tattoo, Array, Muster, Procession, Grand Guignol, Passion play, Tom show, Abbreviation, Abbreviature, Abrege, Abridgment, Abstract, Afterthought, Air, Airing, Analysis, Analyze, Annotate, Annual, Antimasque, Application, Approval, Array, Assess, Assessment, Audience success, Autopsy, Ballet, Battologize, Bimonthly, Biweekly, Bomb, Bone, Boning, Book review, Brainwork, Brief, Bring back, Bring to mind, Broadcast drama, Brush up, Burlesque show, Buzz session, Call back, Call to mind, Call up, Canvass, Canvassing, Capsule, Caravan, Cavalcade, Censure, Charade, Check, Check out, Check over, Check up on, Cliff hanger, Closet drama, Colloquium, Column, Comedy drama, Comment, Comment upon, Commentary, Commentation, Commitment to memory, Compend, Con, Condensation, Condensed version, Conference, Conjure up, Conning, Consider, Consideration, Conspectus, Contemplate, Contemplation, Controvert, Copy, Cortege, Cram, Critical bibliography, Critical journal, Critical notice, Critical review, Critical success, Criticism, Criticize, Critique, Daily, Daybook, Daytime serial, Deal with, Debate, Debating, Deliberate, Deliberate upon, Deliberation, Descant, Developed thought, Dialectic, Dialogue, Diary, Dig, Digest, Discourse, Discourse about, Discuss, Discussion, Dissert, Dissertate, Documentary drama, Draft, Drama, Dramalogue, Dramatic play, Dramatic series, Dress parade, Drill, Duodrama, Duologue, Dwelling upon, Editorial, Elaboration, Elucubrate, Engrossment, Ephemeris, Epic theater, Epitome, Evaluate, Evaluation, Evoke, Examination, Examine, Exchange of views, Exchange views, Exercise, Exercise of memory, Experimental theater, Extensive study, Extravaganza, Failure, Fill, Flashback, Flop, Flyover, Fortnightly, Forum, Funeral, Gasser, Gazette, Get up on, Give an encore, Give an examination, Giveaway, Gloss, Go back, Go back over, Go into, Go over, Go through, Going over, Grind, Grinding, Handle, Happening, Hark back, Have second thoughts, Head, Headwork, Hindsight, Hit, Hit show, Improvisational drama, Inquire into, Inspect, Inspection, Investigate, Investigation, Iterate, Iteration, Joint discussion, Journal, Judge, Judgement, Knock around, Leader, Leading article, Learning by heart, Legitimate drama, Line, Literary criticism, Logical analysis, Logical discussion, Look at, Look back, Look over, Looking back, Lucubrate, Lucubration, Magazine, March past, Masque, Mature thought, Melodrama, Memoir, Memorization, Memorizing, Mental labor, Mind, Minstrel show, Miracle, Miracle play, Monitor, Monodrama, Monologue, Monthly, Morality, Morality play, Moralize upon, Motorcade, Mule train, Music drama, Musical revue, Mystery, Mystery play, Narration, Narrative, Newsmagazine, Notice, Observe, Open discussion, Open forum, Opera, Organ, Outline, Overhaul, Overhauling, Overlook, Overview, Pack train, Pad, Pageant, Pandect, Panel discussion, Panel show, Pantomime, Parade, Pass over, Pass under review, Pastoral, Pastoral drama, Peer at, Periodical, Perlustration, Perusal, Peruse, Pictorial, Piece, Play, Playlet, Plunge into, Polish up, Pomp, Pore over, Postmortem, Practice, Practicing, Precis, Problem play, Procession, Promenade, Psychodrama, Quality control, Quarterly, Quiz show, Radio drama, Rap, Rap session, Re-examination, Re-examine, Read, Reading, Reaffirm, Reaffirmation, Reappraisal, Reappraise, Reason, Reason about, Reason the point, Reassert, Reassess, Reassessment, Rebehold, Recall, Recall to mind, Recalling, Recap, Recapitulate, Recapitulation, Recapture, Recheck, Recital, Recite, Recollect, Recollecting, Recollection, Reconsider, Reconsideration, Recount, Recountal, Recounting, Reevaluate, Reevoke, Reexamine, Reflect, Reflection, Refresh the memory, Regard, Regard studiously, Rehash, Rehearsal, Rehearse, Reinquire, Reinquiry, Reissue, Reiterate, Reiteration, Relation, Remark, Remark upon, Remember, Remembering, Remembrance, Reminiscence, Report, Reprint, Restate, Restatement, Restudy, Restudying, Resume, Retail, Retell, Retelling, Rethink, Rethinking, Retrace, Retrospect, Retrospection, Revaluate, Revaluation, Review in retrospect, Reviewing, Revise, Revision, Revive, Revue, Reword, Ripe idea, Rote, Rote memory, Rub up, Rubric, Run over, Run-through, Running commentary, Say over, Say over again, Scan, Scrutinize, Scrutiny, Second thought, Second thoughts, See in retrospect, Seminar, Sensational play, Serial, Set an examination, Shortened version, Show, Sift, Sitcom, Situation comedy, Size, Size up, Skeleton, Sketch, Skimmington, Skit, Slick magazine, Soap, Soap opera, Sociodrama, Spectacle, Stage play, Stage show, Straight drama, Stream, String, Study, Studying, Subject, Success, Sum up, Summarize, Summary, Summing up, Summon up, Survey, Suspense drama, Swot, Swotting, Syllabus, Symposium, Synopsis, Tableau, Tableau vivant, Take stock of, Take the measure, Take up, Tale-telling, Talk, Talk about, Talk of, Talk over, Talk show, Tautologize, Teleplay, Television drama, Television play, Telling, Theater of cruelty, Think back, Think better of, Think of, Think over, Thresh out, Thumbnail sketch, Topical outline, Total theater, Touch upon, Town meeting, Trade magazine, Train, Treat, Treat of, Treatment, Use hindsight, Variety show, Vaudeville, Vaudeville show, Vehicle, Ventilate, Ventilation, Vet, Visitation, Wade through, Weekly, Weigh, Wide reading, Word-of-mouth success, Work, Write up, Write-up, Yarn spinning, Yearbook, Reconsider, Re-examine, Reassess, Re-evaluate, Reappraise, Moderate, Rethink, Think over, Take another look at, Take a fresh look at, Look at in a different light, Have another think about, Comment on, Discuss, Evaluate, Assess, Appraise, Judge, Weigh up, Rate, Write up, Critique, Criticize, Inspect, View, Scrutinize

How to use Review in a sentence?

  1. All slides were then reviewed by one pathologist.
  2. A comprehensive review of defense policy.
  3. Taking a good review of your past year can help you forecast what changes to make for the coming years problems.
  4. I reviewed his first novel.
  5. The Queen reviewed her brightly arrayed troops.
  6. The companys safety procedures are being reviewed.
  7. He conducted a final review of his troops and spoke of his pride in having served in the US army.
  8. If you are called in front of the review board just give them honest and confident answers about why you chose the route that you did.
  9. A review of the companys finances was in order, because there were suspicions that the accounting department was cooking the books and hiding expenses.
  10. She released her debut solo album to rave reviews.

Meaning of Review & Review Definition

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  1. Review can be defined as, An accounting service that offers a number of guarantees about the reliability of financial information. During the review, Certified Public Computer (CPA) did not conduct a review based on Public Accepted Audit Standards (GAAS).

Meanings of Review

  1. A formal examination or evaluation of (something) with the possibility or intention to make changes if necessary.

  2. Write critical reviews (books, plays, movies, etc.) for publication in newspapers or magazines.

  3. (A government official, Commander-in-Chief or Senior Visitor) conducts regular and formal inspections (military or navy)

  4. Take a second look or check it out.

  5. If necessary, formally review or revise something with the ability or intent to make changes.

  6. Critical scrutiny of books, plays, films, exhibitions, etc. Which is published in a newspaper or magazine.

  7. Usually a senior official, Commander-in-Chief or a visitor, regular ceremonies and inspections of the military or navy.

Sentences of Review

  1. The company's security measures are being reviewed

  2. I saw his first novel

  3. The queen inspects her colorful army

  4. All slides are examined by a pathologist.

  5. He released his first solo album, which received rave reviews.

  6. He took a final look at his troops and spoke of his pride in serving in the US military.


How To Define Review?

  • Definition of Review: Accounting services that provide a certain level of assurance regarding the reliability of financial information. During the review, the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) did not comply with the generally accepted audit standards (GAAS).

Meanings of Review

  1. A formal review of something with the intention of making changes if necessary.

  2. Publish a critical review of a book, play, movie, etc. In a newspaper or magazine

  3. A formal ceremony and test of military or naval strength, usually by a ruler, commander-in-chief, or high-ranking visitor.

  4. A function to play a tape recorded during a rewind or fast rewind to stop it at a specific location.

  5. Assessment (to some extent) formally with the intention of making changes if necessary.

  6. (An independent, commander-in-chief, or high-ranking visitor) conducts formal inspections (military or naval).

  7. Look back or check.

Sentences of Review

  1. A comprehensive overview of UK defense policy

  2. He released his first solo album for review.

  3. He made one final inspection of his troops and spoke of his pride in serving in the United States Armed Forces.

  4. Q&A Review, which quickly moves the tape backwards or forwards.

  5. The Home Secretary has been asked to review Britain's arms laws.

  6. Then a pathologist examined all the slides.

Synonyms of Review

anatomization, alter, modify, march-past


The company initiates a review when it assesses its relationship with the registrar. The consulting firm typically researches the agencies that best suit the needs of the business and then narrows them down to a few agencies who are then invited to bid on that account. Sometimes the operating companies are asked to defend themselves and sometimes not.

An accounting service that provides some assurance about the accuracy of financial information. When conducting an audit, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) does not conduct an audit in accordance with GENERALLY ACCEPTED STANDARDS OF CONTROL (GAS).

Meanings of Review

  1. A formal evaluation of something with the intent to initiate change if necessary.

  2. Critical assessment of a book, play, film, etc. published in a newspaper or magazine.

  3. An official ceremony and inspection of the military or armed forces, usually performed by the sovereign, the commander in chief, or a distinguished guest.

  4. Easily play back a tape recording while rewinding or fast-rewinding so you can stop at a certain point.

  5. To formally evaluate (something) with the intention of making changes if necessary.

  6. Write a critical review (of a book, play, film, etc.) for publication in a newspaper or magazine.

  7. (sovereign, commander in chief or distinguished guest) to conduct a solemn and formal inspection (of military or naval forces).

  8. Look or check again.

Sentences of Review

  1. Comprehensive review of British defense policy.

  2. He released his first solo album to critical acclaim.

  3. He gave a final assessment of his troops and said he was proud to have served in the US military.

  4. Cue and Review, which plays the tape forward or backward at high speed.

  5. Home Secretary has been urged to review Britain's laws.

  6. I commented on his first novel.

  7. The Queen looked at her beautifully dressed troops.

  8. All drugs were then examined by a pathologist.



An accounting service that provides some assurance about the accuracy of financial information. When conducting an audit, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) does not conduct an audit in accordance with GENERAL ACCEPTANCE STANDARDS (GAS).

Meanings of Review

  1. Easily play back a tape during rewind or fast forward so you can stop it at a certain point.

  2. Evaluate (something) formally with the intention of making changes if necessary.

Sentences of Review

  1. Thereafter, all preparations were examined by a pathologist.