Definition of Reversion:

  1. A return to a previous state, practice, or belief.

  2. The right, especially of the original owner or their heirs, to possess or succeed to property on the death of the present possessor or at the end of a lease.

  3. Automatic return of a trust property to the trust creator after the trust ends. A trust which provides for a reversion is called a reversionary trust.

  4. Future interest in a property arising from the operation of law. For example, if A grants a property to B for life then As interest in the property is reversionary because after Bs death the entire property will return to A or his or her heirs. See also remainder.

Synonyms of Reversion

About-face, About-turn, Atavism, Back track, Back trail, Backing, Backing off, Backing out, Backing up, Backset, Backsliding, Backup, Backward deviation, Bequeathal, Bequest, Birthright, Borough-English, Coheirship, Coparcenary, Copyhold, Devolution, Ectropion, Entail, Equitable estate, Estate at sufferance, Estate for life, Estate for years, Estate in expectancy, Estate in fee, Estate in possession, Estate tail, Eversion, Falling back, Fee, Fee simple, Fee tail, Feod, Feodum, Feud, Feudal estate, Fief, Gavelkind, Heirloom, Heirship, Hereditament, Heritable, Heritage, Heritance, Improvement, Incorporeal hereditament, Inheritance, Instauration, Introversion, Intussusception, Invagination, Inversion, Lapse, Law of succession, Lease, Leasehold, Legacy, Legal estate, Line of succession, Mode of succession, Paramount estate, Particular estate, Patrimony, Postremogeniture, Primogeniture, Pronation, Reactivation, Reconstitution, Reconversion, Recrudescence, Recurrence, Redintegration, Reenactment, Reestablishment, Reformation, Regression, Rehabilitation, Reinstatement, Reinstation, Reinstitution, Reinvestiture, Reinvestment, Relapse, Remainder, Renewal, Replacement, Restitution, Restoration, Resupination, Retroflexion, Retroversion, Return, Reversal, Reverse, Reversing, Revulsion, Right-about, Right-about-face, Setback, Shifting trust, Shifting use, Succession, Supination, Swingaround, Throwback, Topsy-turviness, Topsy-turvydom, Transposal, Transposition, Turn, Turnabout, Turnaround, Turning back, Turning backwards, Turning inside out, Turning inward, Turning over, Ultimogeniture, Vested estate, Volte-face, Decline, Lapse, Deterioration, Worsening, Degeneration, Backsliding, Recidivism, Reversion, Regression, Retrogression, Downturn, Fall, Falling, Falling away, Slipping, Drop, Descent, Sinking, Slide

How to use Reversion in a sentence?

  1. The reversion of property.
  2. There was some reversion to polytheism.

Meaning of Reversion & Reversion Definition