Reverse Triangular Mergers

Reverse Triangular Mergers,

Reverse Triangular Mergers: What is the Meaning of Reverse Triangular Mergers?

  • Reverse Triangular Mergers definition is: An inverted triangle merger is the formation of a new company when a acquiring company forms a subsidiary, the subsidiary buys the target company and the subsidiary is acquired by the target company.

    • An inverted triangle merger is a new company that is formed when a acquiring company forms a subsidiary, the subsidiary buys the target company and the target company takes over the subsidiary.
    • Like any other integration, an inverted triangle integration can be taxed depending on the factors listed in Section 368 of the IRS Code.
    • In the Ultimate Triangle property, at least 50% of the payment is in the buyer's shares and the buyer receives all of the seller's assets and liabilities.

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