Reverse Takeover

Reverse Takeover,

Reverse Takeover Definition:

Meaning of Reverse Takeover: Merger between Chinese companies and inactive US shell companies listed on the US Stock Exchange is a secret method of listing Chinese companies in the United States. U.S. accountants, lawyers and bankers who facilitated the transactions are under ongoing federal investigation.

Literal Meanings of Reverse Takeover


Meanings of Reverse:
  1. Get away from

  2. A complete change of direction or action.

  3. Quite the opposite or the opposite of what was said above.

  4. Improper change of fate, ■■■■ or defeat

  5. The aspect that is in front of the viewer or face.

  6. Run or turn in the opposite direction as shown above.

Sentences of Reverse
  1. The overturned truck behind the bus

  2. Growth works against synthesis

  3. On the contrary, she is not homeless

  4. The team suffered the biggest ■■■■ of the season

  5. The address is on the back of this manual.

  6. This trend seems to be moving in the opposite direction.

Synonyms of Reverse

accident, counter, ■■■■, opposing, move backwards, opposite, reversal, misadventure, non-success, adversity, send back, catastrophe, rout, go back, check, upset, opposite extreme, contrary, go backwards, antithesis, antithetical, drive backwards, affliction, drive back


Meanings of Takeover:
  1. Acquisition of something, especially by one company to another.

Sentences of Takeover
  1. They are at stake instead of gaining

Synonyms of Takeover

change of ownership, purchase, acquisition, buying, gaining of control