Definition of Revenue:

  1. Income, especially if it is a business or organization and important.

  2. Revenue from the sale of goods or services, or use of capital or other assets related to important activities of the organization before deducting any expenses or expenses. Revenue is usually referred to as the highest line item in the income statement (profit or loss), where all expenses, expenses and expenses are deducted to reach the net income. Also called sale or deposit (in Great Britain).

Synonyms of Revenue

Wages, Make, Take, Produce, Get, Gross income, Disposable income, Receipts, Net receipts, Box office, Income, Royalties, Gate receipts, Proceeds, Income, Gain, Commissions, Receipt, Gross, Earned income, Net income, Dividends, Proceeds, Takings, Dividend, Gains, Take-in, Intake, Receipts, Unearned income, Salary, Credit, Gate, Avails, Profits, Interest, Output, Net, Takings, Earnings, Gross receipts, Profit, Returns, Earnings, Receivables, Credits, Yield

How to use Revenue in a sentence?

  1. The Accounts Department is working tirelessly to prepare revenue reports which will have a significant impact on the expenditure budget and revenue reports for the coming months.
  2. Merchants have lost 10,000 in revenue since the transportation system was introduced.
  3. Last year, the company saw significant sales due to an increase in sales, which put it at the top of the list of best performing companies.
  4. Impressive accounting figures in our income statements dropped significantly after our monthly spending cuts.

Meaning of Revenue & Revenue Definition