Revenue Stamp

Revenue Stamp,

Revenue Stamp Meanings:

  • Stamps or stickers affixed to items such as cigarette packs as proof of state tax payment.

Literal Meanings of Revenue Stamp


Meanings of Revenue:
  1. Income, especially if it is a business or organization and important.

Sentences of Revenue
  1. Merchants have lost 10,000 in revenue since the transportation system was introduced

Synonyms of Revenue

income, proceeds, earnings, receipts, takings


Meanings of Stamp:
  1. Place yourself a little more (one foot) down on the floor or floor.

  2. Print design or trademark, especially with official design, engraved stamps or blocks or with ink or other tools (surfaces, objects or documents).

  3. Stamp or postage stamp (letters or package)

  4. Crushing (Minerals)

  5. Tools for printing shapes or symbols, especially in engraved or colored blocks or stamps.

  6. A small piece of sticky paper is stuck to something to show that some money has been paid, especially the postage.

  7. The function or sound of a foot tap.

  8. Stop crushing the ore on the drilling mill.

Sentences of Stamp
  1. He kicks in frustration

  2. This woman stamped my passport

  3. Annie sealed the envelope

  4. The minerals were finely sealed, knitted, knitted and put into a joint shell.

  5. Hathaway uses multiple stamps to mark its instruments.

  6. First class post

Synonyms of Stamp

impress, inscribe, mark, chase, brand, punch, carve, imprint, etch, frank, deboss, engrave, print, label, emboss