Definition of Revaluation:

  1. The action of assessing the value of something again.

  2. Upward adjustment in the value of currency with respect to another currency or a benchmark rate of exchange. Opposite of devaluation.

  3. Upward adjustment in the book value of assets, caused usually by a devaluation of the currency in which their value is recorded in the accounts.

Synonyms of Revaluation

Afterthought, Circulation, Demonetization, Devaluation, Developed thought, Issuance, Mature thought, Monetization, Re-examination, Reappraisal, Recheck, Reconsideration, Reinquiry, Rethinking, Review, Revision, Ripe idea, Second thought, Second thoughts

How to use Revaluation in a sentence?

  1. The investment is subject to regular revaluation.

Meaning of Revaluation & Revaluation Definition