Definition of Reuters:

  1. Reuters is a global information and news provider headquartered in London, England, that serves professionals in the financial, media, and corporate markets. Reuters was a standalone global news and financial information company until it was bought by Thomson Financial Corporation in 2008.

  2. An international news agency founded in London in 1851 by Paul Julius Reuter. The agency pioneered the use of telegraphy, building up a service used today by newspapers and radio and television stations in most countries.

  3. Portal for headline news stories across the world ranging from finances to entertainment. Reuters provides a comprehensive overview of stories that impact individuals across the world. The company is owned and operated by Thompson Reuters, which resulted from the merger between Thompson Corporation and Reuters Group PLC. The combination of the two companies formed one of the leading information reporting companies.

  4. The parent company, now known as Thomson Reuters Corporation, is headquartered in New York City. Its stock is listed on the New York and Toronto exchanges.

How to use Reuters in a sentence?

  1. Reuters began as an early stock market data service for the London Stock Exchange, relying on telegraph and carrier pigeon to disseminate information.
  2. Created from the Thomson Corporation's 2008 acquisition of Reuters, Thomson Reuters is a comprehensive multinational media and financial data and news resource.
  3. I knew that after committing the crime in London the story might be picked up by Reuters and shown to the world.
  4. From the 1970s-2000s, Reuters developed increasingly sophisticated electronic trading platforms and data feeds for professional traders and broker-dealers.
  5. You do not want reuters to pick up on any negative stories about you or else everyone in the world will know.
  6. The Reuters case study presented to the board as it directly related to our business which was quite joyful to us to be able to utilize their news document.

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