Definition of Return:

  1. Continue (a wall) in a changed direction, especially at right angles.

  2. Yield generated by an investment, expressed usually as a percentage of the amount invested.

  3. Report formally or officially on a specific matter, such as a tax return.

  4. Yield or make (a profit).

  5. An official report or statement submitted in response to a formal demand.

  6. (of an electorate) elect (a person or party) to office.

  7. Give, put, or send (something) back to a place or person.

  8. A key pressed to move the carriage of an electric typewriter back to a fixed position.A key pressed on a computer keyboard to simulate a carriage return in a word-processing program, or to indicate the end of a command or data string.

  9. A profit from an investment.

  10. Election to office.

  11. An act of coming or going back to a place or activity.

  12. Come or go back to a place or person.

  13. Proceeds generated by a sale.

  14. A part receding from the line of the front, for example the side of a house or of a window opening.

Synonyms of Return

Elect, Vote in, Put in power, Choose, Opt for, Select, Pick, Adopt, Yield, Profit, Returns, Gain, Income, Revenue, Interest, Dividend, Percentage, Go back, Come back, Get back, Arrive back, Arrive home, Come home, Come again, Homecoming, Travel back, Statement, Report, Submission, Account, Paper, Record, File, Dossier, Write-up, Data, Information, Log, Journal, Diary, Register, Summary, CRT spot, DM display, Doppler signal, IF signal, IM display, RF echoes, About-face, Acknowledge, Acknowledgment, Action and reaction, Advent, Advert, Afford, Alternate, Alternation, Amends, Answer, Answer back, Answering, Antiphon, Arrival, Atavism, Atonement, Automatic reaction, Autonomic reaction, Back answer, Back talk, Backchat, Backing, Backset, Backslide, Backsliding, Backward deviation, Backward motion, Backward step, Bandy, Be here again, Be quits with, Be reflected, Be sent back, Beam, Beat, Beat signal, Benefit, Blips, Blood money, Boom, Boomerang, Bounce back, Bounceback, Bounces, Bring back, Bring in, Capital gains, Carry back, Change, Circle, Cleanup, Clear profit, Cock, Come again, Come and go, Come around, Come back, Come back at, Come home, Come in, Come round, Come round again, Come up again, Comeback, Coming, Commute, Compensate, Compensation, Consideration, Convalescence, Cooperate, Counter, Counterblast, Counterblow, Counterchange, Counterstroke, Cycle, Cyclicalness, Damages, Deliver, Disenchantment, Display, Dividends, Double, Double back, Double-dot display, Doubling, Duplication, Earn, Earnings, Echo, Echo back, Echo signal, Evasive reply, Exchange, Extradite, Extradition, Fall astern, Fall behind, Falling back, Filthy lucre, Flash back, Flip-flop, Gain, Gains, Get, Get back at, Get behind, Get even with, Gettings, Give, Give acknowledgment, Give and take, Give answer, Give back, Give-and-take, Giving back, Gleanings, Go back, Go backwards, Go behind, Go home, Gross, Gross profit, Guerdon, Hoard, Homecoming, Honorarium, Imitation, Income, Indemnification, Indemnity, Interchange, Interest, Intermit, Intermittence, Intermittency, Jerk back, Keep coming, Kickback, Killing, Lapse, Lapse back, Local oscillator signal, Logroll, Lose ground, Lucre, Makings, Meed, Meter, Neat profit, Net, Net profit, Offer, Oscillate, Oscillation, Output signal, Paper profits, Pay, Pay back, Pay off, Payment, Pelf, Pendulum motion, Percentage, Periodicalness, Periodicity, Perk, Perks, Permute, Perquisite, Pickings, Picture, Pips, Piston motion, Place in, Plagiarism, Predictable response, Price, Proceeds, Proffer, Profit, Profits, Pull back, Pulsate, Pulsation, Pulse, Put back, Quittance, Quotation, Radar signal, Rake-off, Rally, React, Reaction, Reactivate, Reading, Ready reply, Reappear, Reappearance, Rebirth, Rebound, Recede, Receipt, Receipts, Recession, Recidivate, Recidivation, Recidivism, Reciprocate, Reciprocation, Reciprocity, Reclamation, Recoil, Recommit, Recommitment, Recompense, Reconstitute, Reconversion, Reconvert, Recoupment, Recover, Recovery, Recrudescence, Recruit, Recuperation, Recur, Recurrence, Recursion, Reddition, Redoubling, Redress, Reduplication, Reecho, Reenact, Reentrance, Reentry, Reestablish, Refill, Reflect, Reflection, Reflex, Reflex action, Refluence, Reflux, Reform, Refund, Refundment, Regain, Regress, Regression, Regular wave motion, Regurgitation, Rehabilitate, Rehabilitation, Reimbursement, Reincarnation, Reinstall, Reinstate, Reinstatement, Reinstitute, Reintegrate, Reinvest, Rejoin, Rejoinder, Relapse, Remand, Remandment, Remigration, Remit, Remitter, Remuneration, Render, Rendition, Renew, Renewal, Reoccur, Reoccurrence, Reparation, Repartee, Repatriate, Repatriation, Repayment, Repeat, Repercuss, Repetition, Replace, Replacement, Replacing, Replenish, Replication, Reply, Report, Repost, Reproduction, Requital, Requite, Requitement, Rescript, Rescription, Resound, Respond, Respondence, Response, Responsion, Responsory, Restitution, Restoration, Restore, Restoring, Results, Resume, Resumption, Resurface, Retaliate, Retaliation, Retort, Retribution, Retroaction, Retrocede, Retrocession, Retroflex, Retroflexion, Retrogradation, Retrograde, Retrogress, Retrogression, Retroversion, Retrovert, Retrusion, Return answer, Return for answer, Return signal, Return the compliment, Returning, Returns, Revenue, Reverberate, Reverberation, Reversal, Reverse, Reversion, Revert, Reverting, Revest, Revolve, Revulsion, Reward, Rhythm, Riposte, Rise, Roll, Roll around, Rollback, Rotate, Rumble, Salvage, Satisfaction, Say, Say in reply, Seasonality, Send back, Sending back, Setback, Shoot back, Short answer, Signal, Signal display, Slip back, Slipping back, Smart money, Snappy comeback, Solatium, Sound, Spot, Sternway, Store, Swap, Switch, Take, Take back, Take-in, Takings, Talk back, Target image, Throwback, Trace, Trade, Transmitter signal, Transpose, Turn, Turn back, Turn in, Turnabout, Undulate, Undulation, Unthinking response, Video signal, Wealth, Wergild, Wheel, Wheel around, Winnings, Witty reply, Witty retort, Yes-and-no answer, Yield, Yield, Bring in, Earn, Make, Realize, Secure, Net, Gross, Clear, Pay out, Fetch, Pocket, Give back, Send back, Hand back, Take back, Carry back

How to use Return in a sentence?

  1. Complete the application form and return it to this address.
  2. Product areas are being developed to produce maximum returns.
  3. The Democrat was returned in the third district.
  4. I was not happy with the item, so I decided to return it to the store I bought it from the next day.
  5. Census returns.
  6. He returned to Canada in the fall.
  7. The company returned a profit of 4.3 million dollars.
  8. You may have to let people return your product if they claim that it has a malfunction or is not working properly.
  9. We campaigned for the return of Young and Elkins.
  10. The master bedroom is off the first floor return which has a window that overlooks the River Suir.
  11. He celebrated his safe return from the war.
  12. In order to make a profit on an investment, a good return of the money invested should be expected or the investment wouldnt be worthwhile.

Meaning of Return & Return Definition