Return premium

Return premium,

Definition of Return premium:

  1. An amount, equal to a fraction of the premium, which is given back to the insured in the case of a cancellation, an adjustment to the rate, or an overpayment of an advance premium.

Meaning of Return premium & Return premium Definition

Return Premium,

What is The Definition of Return Premium?

  1. If the actual cost of this policy is less than the amount already paid, the amount owed to the insurers. For example, if the threshold is lowered, the initial estimated risk exceeds the test risk or the policy is canceled.

  2. As a result of cancellation, rate adjustment or calculation, a portion of the premium is returned to the policyholder if the expected premium exceeds the actual premium.

  3. Return Premium means, A portion of the premium is returned to the policyholder on the basis of expiration, rate adjustment or calculation that the expected premium exceeds the actual premium.

  4. A simple definition of Return Premium is: If the actual cost of the policy is less than the amount paid, the premium amount due to the policyholder.

  5. In case of termination of the contract, tariff adjustment or overpayment of the expected premium, part of the premium paid will be refunded to the insured.

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Synonyms of Return

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Meanings of Premium:
  1. Amount paid for the insurance policy.

  2. Price added to price or general cost.

  3. Something is given as a gift, reward or incentive.

Sentences of Premium
  1. Accurately, the earnings of a pensionable worker are made up of the premium paid for the claim equal to his salary.

  2. Consumers are reluctant to pay more for organic fruits

  3. The Society des Arts gave him a bonus

Synonyms of Premium

recompense, regular payment, instalment, insurance charge, additional fee, extra amount, percentage, prize, reward, additional payment, remuneration, surcharge, insurance payment, extra, bonus, perk, extra charge