Return for no claim



  1. RETURN FOR NO CLAIM means, Some marine insurance policies have a no-loss return clause which provides a no-loss premium (usually 20%) during the policy term.

Literal Meanings of RETURN FOR NO CLAIM


Meanings of RETURN:
  1. To come or return to a place or person.

  2. Giving, keeping or giving back (something) to a place or someone.

  3. Return or accept (win)

  4. (Selector) Select (a person or party) for the office.

  5. Keep changing the direction (of the wall), especially at right angles.

  6. Walking or returning to a place or activity.

  7. Profit from an investment

  8. An official report or statement was sent in response to the formal request.

  9. Choice for office.

  10. The button is pressed to return the electric typewriter carriage to a certain position. In the word processing program, a key is pressed on the computer keyboard to mimic the return of a carriage or to indicate a data command or string.

  11. Part 2 away from the line, for example facing home or opening a window.

Sentences of RETURN
  1. Back to Canada in the fall

  2. Fill out the registration form and send it to this address

  3. The company reported a profit of 4. 3.3 million

  4. Democrats sent him back to the third district

  5. Celebrate your safe return from war

  6. Product areas continue to grow for maximum profit.

Synonyms of RETURN

homecoming, fetch, come back, come home, pocket, statement, account, record, secure, yield, dossier, make, register, interest, pay out, choose, realize, percentage, send back, select, information, vote in


Meanings of FOR:
  1. Support or Support (one person or policy)

  2. Love, adversary or adversary (someone or something)

  3. (For or for the benefit of) something or something

  4. Keep (above) as a purpose or task

  5. Being (mentioned) as a goal or purpose.

  6. (Designated location) as a destination.

  7. To represent (above)

  8. Instead or instead (something)

  9. Compared to the expected pattern of (some)

  10. Enter duration (a period)

  11. Set the distance (distance)

  12. Insert the event into the wire.

  13. Because since then.

Sentences of FOR
  1. Elected for independence in a referendum

  2. He is responsible for the proper functioning of his department.

  3. This old man doesn't speak for everyone

  4. Tools you need to frame

  5. Eileen is proud of her family for their support.

  6. You will go to Sweepstakes tomorrow

  7. "F" means interesting

  8. Exchange these two bottles for this

  9. He is big for his age

  10. He spent 12 years in prison

  11. Crawls 300 meters

  12. The camcorder failed for the third time

Synonyms of FOR

giving support to, in view of the fact that, owing to the fact that, as a tribute to, approving of, giving backing to, seeing that, on the side of, purpose, in honour of, all for, considering that, on account of the fact that, motive, encouraging of, pro, since, sympathetic to, for, reason, the same as


Meanings of NO:
  1. do not do that.

  2. Voting, such as a negative reaction or decision.

  3. The answer was no.

  4. Not at all, not at all.

  5. do not do that.

  6. The chemical element noblem.

Sentences of NO
  1. For no reason

  2. Yes I failed to automatically change yes

Synonyms of NO

snubbing, disapproval, absolutely not, cold-shouldering, rejection, most certainly not, turndown, under no circumstances, negative, cold shoulder, of course not, no thanks, declining, turning down, no, never, rebuff, refusal, negation, non-acceptance, not really, by no means


Meanings of CLAIM:
  1. Explain or claim that something is happening, usually without proof or evidence.

  2. Confirming the truth of something that is often controversial or questionable.

  3. Application or request for something deemed degraded.

Sentences of CLAIM
  1. Admittedly he comes from a rich and educated family

  2. Chased by alleged CIA contacts

  3. The court rejected your asylum application

Synonyms of CLAIM

affirmation, declaration, representation, protestation, protest, profess, avow, affirm, request, maintain, aver, avowal, swear, insist, attest, application, declare, assertion, assert, hold, averment, profession, state



  1. Some marine insurance policies include a no-return clause which provides a return premium (usually 20%) in the absence of a claim under the policy.

Literal Meanings of RETURN FOR NO CLAIM


Meanings of RETURN:
  1. To come or go to a place or person.

  2. Giving, keeping or returning (something) to a place or person.

  3. Win or lose (profit)

  4. (The electorate) elects (one person or party) in the office.

  5. (Wall) on the other hand, especially at right angles.

  6. The act of walking or returning to a place or activity.

  7. An official report or statement submitted in response to a formal request.

  8. Election for office.

  9. A procedure or key in a typewriter that returns the vehicle to a designated position at the beginning of a new line.

  10. The part away from the faڑاade line, for example opening a wall or window of a house.

Sentences of RETURN
  1. Return to the United States at the end of the fall.

  2. The company made a profit of £ 4.3 million.

  3. The city of Glasgow expelled eleven Labor parliamentarians

  4. Product areas are under construction for maximum profit.

  5. I advocate the return of forty members.

Synonyms of RETURN

revenue, carry back, put in power, file, log, go back, put back, pay back, hand back, paper, travel back, clear, pick, data, journal, repay, opt for, bunce, adopt, remit, document, reinstall


Meanings of FOR:
  1. For or support (one person or policy)

  2. By or for the benefit of (someone or something)

  3. Hired by

  4. Being (above) as a purpose or function.

  5. Being (mentioned) as a goal or reason.

  6. (Location name) as destination.

  7. Instead or instead of (something)

  8. As a bill (one price)

  9. Enter the duration (a period)

Sentences of FOR
  1. So if you agree with my policy, vote for me in the next general election.

  2. It can be used more to show that people fight and die for the right to vote, but it is still true.

  3. This is a great idea and most of us who support it fight for this country.

  4. The British people can vote for you, but don't expect them to support you later.

  5. Fighting for women's suffrage, suffrage has established its place in social history.

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  7. The site is where you can vote for your favorite place in Wiltshire.

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  9. Peter has just created an online poll on his website asking you to vote for your favorite.

  10. It had no army to intervene in Europe and no politician could defend such a policy.

  11. You are interested in advocating a policy of dialogue with the so-called rebel states.

  12. But whether you support the decision or not, I don't think it makes any difference now.

Synonyms of FOR

seeing as, object, aim, objective, as a mark of respect to, right behind, goal


Meanings of NO:
  1. It is used to indicate that something is the opposite of what has been stated.

  2. Almost not

  3. It is used in messages or slogans that forbid or reject certain things.

  4. Used to answer negative.

  5. Expressing disagreement or disagreement.

  6. Express approval or confirmation of negative statements.

  7. Express surprise or frustration at something you heard or discovered.

  8. Absolutely not, not at all.

  9. Negative responses or decisions, such as voting.

  10. I can't do this.

Sentences of NO
  1. No two plants are alike

Synonyms of NO

not at all, spurning, veto, dismissal


Meanings of CLAIM:
  1. Explain or acknowledge that something is happening, usually without providing any evidence or proof.

  2. Confirm that we have won or achieved (something)

  3. Request or formally claim that you have won or won (some)

  4. Apply for (cash) under the insurance policy.

  5. Calling you (someone is watching and thinking)

  6. Causing loss of (one person's life).

  7. Confirmation of the truth of something that is often controversial or objectionable.

  8. A request or request for something that is acceptable.

  9. The right to compensation under an insurance policy.

  10. The right or title of something.

  11. A piece of land that someone has allocated or occupied for mining.

  12. Reason for being considered unusual or notable.

  13. Request that the money you paid be refunded in accordance with the rules or your rights.

Sentences of CLAIM
  1. "I have every right to be arrogant," he said.

  2. This sunscreen has up to 34 protection elements.

  3. Developers and some anthropologists have claimed that the protective evidence is false.

  4. Evidence of blonde hunting is incredible, May said.

  5. The petitioner claims that there is evidence of his current need.

  6. He also claims that the steps taken to protect his new identity were unnecessary because he could be identified immediately.

  7. She also said that the profession is not attracting new employees for financial reasons, which has painted a disturbing picture for the future of nursing.

  8. The professor said he was not allowed to appear before the commission because of his age and health problems.

  9. Wallace said the move would have a major impact on local businesses and job losses.

  10. They also claim that, in addition to video evidence, it has been brought to their attention.

  11. Hospital officials said the closure was temporary and efforts were being made to reduce its effects.

Synonyms of CLAIM

right to, title to, assert ownership of, ask for, put in an application for, put in for, say that one owns, rights to, formally request, apply for