Retrocessional Pools

Retrocessional Pools,

How Do You Define Retrocessional Pools?

  1. Conventional reinsurance, in which the original or recipient company is also reinsured under the same agreement, is intended to further spread this risk. Total premiums and losses are reversed in proportion to the total insurance issued by each sinder. Generally, the excess shares contract.

Literal Meanings of Retrocessional Pools


Meanings of Retrocessional:
  1. With or in connection with the return.


Meanings of Pools:
  1. A small area of ​​shallow water that is usually found naturally.

  2. (Liquid) forms hollow on the floor or other surface.

  3. General supply of vehicles or resources that can be used when needed.

  4. A game was played on a small pool table consisting of seven colored balls with two sets and with the help of a black ball and a white ball you have to catch all your balls and then the black balls.

  5. Group of participants in the tournament for the right to advance to the next stage.

  6. In most countries, illegal agreements between competing parties to set prices or prices

  7. (Two or more individuals or organizations) put (money or other assets) in a mutual fund.

Sentences of Pools
  1. Lake water is changed to keep the lake's natural water clean.

  2. Sweat rose on my back

  3. Car together

  4. However, in summer, rooms are open on Thursdays and Saturday evenings for those who want to play billiards or billiards.

  5. Submission Page A

  6. The competitor's network pool agreement reduces individual costs

Synonyms of Pools

hoard, pond, stock, storehouse, stockpile, backlog, fund, accumulation, supply, reserves, store, reservoir, common supply, cache, reserve, puddle