Definition of Retroactive:

  1. (especially of legislation) taking effect from a date in the past.

  2. Applicable or effective from a prior date or period, such as retroactive pay or retroactive pricing.

Synonyms of Retroactive

A priori, Antiphonal, Back, Backward, Early, Ex post facto, Into the past, Reacting, Reactionary, Reactive, Recessive, Reflex, Reflexive, Refluent, Regressive, Respondent, Responding, Responsive, Retroactionary, Retrocessive, Retrograde, Retrogressive, Retrospective, Revulsive, Backdated, Retroactive, Ex post facto, Backward-looking

How to use Retroactive in a sentence?

  1. A big retroactive tax increase.

Meaning of Retroactive & Retroactive Definition