Retroactive Cover

Retroactive Cover,

Definition of Retroactive Cover:

  • The definition of Retroactive Cover is: Retroactive coverage is possible with some professional liability insurance. When you receive this coverage as part of your IP policy, it covers any future claims you made before you purchased your policy.

Literal Meanings of Retroactive Cover


Meanings of Retroactive:
  1. (In some legal provisions) that came into force earlier.

Sentences of Retroactive
  1. Big increase in taxes

Synonyms of Retroactive

backdated, backward-looking, retroactive, ex post facto


Meanings of Cover:
  1. Put something in front of (something) or in front of it, especially to save or hide it.

  2. Divided into (one area)

  3. Cover by describing or analyzing key aspects or events.

  4. Enough to pay (amount of money) (receipt or expenses)

  5. It obscures a sound or action (something else) from another sound or action.

  6. Aim at (someone's) gun to prevent it from moving or escaping.

  7. Record or play a new version (of a song) that was played by someone else.

  8. (Male animals, especially male horses) have sex with (women) in the context of commercial transactions, especially between animal owners.

  9. Play the most cards (high cards) at a turn.

  10. Something that is above, above or around something, especially to protect or hide it.

Sentences of Cover
  1. The table is covered with a checkered tablecloth

  2. The land is eight hectares

  3. A series of novels from 1968 to the present

  4. There are subsidies to cover the cost of attic insulation materials.

  5. Louise laughed to hide her embarrassment.

  6. He picked up his gun to cover Clift

Synonyms of Cover

concealment, mask, sheathing, hide, unfold, envelope, obscure, extend, covering, pay, smother, range, make up, muffle, housing, sheath, stifle, fund, sanctuary, pay back, counterbalance, disguise, shelter, cowling, spread, balance, place under cover, be enough for