Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans,

Retirement Plans Meanings:

  • Procedures for providing income to retirees who do not have a stable income from employment.

Literal Meanings of Retirement Plans


Meanings of Retirement:
  1. The act or process of quitting and completing work.

  2. Removing the jury from the courtroom to deliver the verdict.

  3. Separation.

Sentences of Retirement
  1. One man will retire

  2. Will complete four years with a one-piece jacket mark Comet losage du Jouriles de Lever retreat delir ڈn, کque des des Mبلubles, du Carborte, des lumires et de la Pٹیptera applications, Moines who need air n'ait denià Par.

  3. I live alone in Miami

Synonyms of Retirement

giving up work, obscurity, stopping work, privacy, stopping working, loneliness, retreat, solitude, isolation, seclusion


Meanings of Plans:
  1. Decide and arrange first.

  2. Design or plan

  3. Detailed advice on what to do or get.

  4. Any intention or decision about what to do.

  5. A detailed map or diagram

Sentences of Plans
  1. They are planning a trip to Egypt

  2. He had planned the garden from the beginning

  3. I have no intention of resigning

Synonyms of Plans

intent, suggestion, set up, proposal, build, make a representation of, chalk out, fix up, agenda, make a map of, programme, procedure, scheme, aspiration, stratagem, map out, hope, schedule, idea, shape, devise, object, project