What is Retire?

  1. Get something like a bonus out of circulation.

Meanings of Retire

  1. Retirement and dismissal, usually after reaching the normal retirement age.

  2. Moving to or from a particular place.

  3. Circulation or currency payment (receipts or tickets).

  4. Payment or cancellation (loan)

  5. This movement involves bending and extending the leg at right angles to the body so that the toes are parallel to the knee of the supporting leg.

Sentences of Retire

  1. He retired from the Navy in 1966

  2. He took a toothbrush and went to the bathroom

  3. Instead, Congress expanded the printing business and asked states to raise taxes to eliminate bills.

  4. Debt will have to be deducted from government tax revenue

  5. The orchestra stops and starts over time, sometimes backwards for seconds, sometimes for Arabic.

Synonyms of Retire

go away, depart, withdraw, go out, stop working, go off, exit, decamp, take oneself off, stop work, adjourn, leave for, give up work, make an exit

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Retire Meanings:

Retire refers to Remove products such as bonds from circulation.

Meanings of Retire

  1. Quit your job and quit, usually when you reach the age of normal separation.

  2. Move to or from a specific location.

  3. Circulation or coin withdrawal (device or note).

  4. A movement in which one leg is raised at right angles to the body until the toe is parallel to the knee of the supporting leg.

Sentences of Retire

  1. Retired from the Navy in 1986.

  2. He went to the bathroom

  3. The debt must be repaid with state tax revenue.

Synonyms of Retire

shut oneself away in, absent oneself, betake oneself, reach retirement age, repair


Give up something like a band.