Retained Profits

Retained Profits,

What is The Meaning of Retained Profits?

  • The company maintains post-tax operating income and dividend payments to shareholders and is generally used for reinvestment.

Literal Meanings of Retained Profits


Meanings of Retained:
  1. Keep (some) in your possession.

  2. Suck and hold (substance)

  3. Keep (some) in place, stay steady.

  4. Bind (someone) to your service.

Sentences of Retained
  1. Built in 1830, the house retains many of its original features.

  2. Limestone is known to retain water.

  3. A successful cartridge ribbon design requires that the cartridge in it be placed correctly and in position.

  4. Be free

Synonyms of Retained

have in employment, cling to, keep hold of, pay, keep possession of, keep back, keep on the payroll, contract, keep, commission, employ, hold fast to, hold on to, hang on to


Meanings of Profits:
  1. Make a profit.

  2. The difference between financial gain, especially the money earned and the money spent on buying, running or doing something.

  3. Benefit profit

Sentences of Profits
  1. The only people who liked the episode were the lawyers.

  2. Profit before tax

Synonyms of Profits

use, make a killing, gain, advantage, surplus, interest, value, yield, financial gain, good, make money, excess, dividend, returns, benefit, make a profit, worth, avail, return, payback, usefulness