Restrictive Practice

Restrictive Practice,

Restrictive Practice Meanings:

The definition of Restrictive Practice is: Trade agreements between companies or sectors that hinder free competition. It is the custom of most trade unions to protect their work in such a way as to limit the freedoms of other workers.

Literal Meanings of Restrictive Practice


Meanings of Restrictive:
  1. Restrictions or restrictions on a person's activities or freedom.

  2. (Relevant clause or explanatory clause) which is used to describe a specific example or example.

Sentences of Restrictive
  1. Mandatory regulatory network

  2. The problem is that some people follow this rule regularly, and you can find many examples of using relative pronouns to initiate sanctions agreements.

Synonyms of Restrictive

fashionable, choice, stylish, grade A, elite, chic, special, high-class, elegant, premier, select


Meanings of Practice:
  1. Do it repeatedly or regularly (an activity) or exercise (skill) to improve or maintain your abilities.

  2. Do it regularly or regularly (a particular activity, method or habit).

  3. The actual application or use of ideas, beliefs or methods that contradict the relevant theory.

  4. A way or means of doing things that are normal, normal, or expected

  5. Repeated practice or performance of the activity or ability to overcome or maintain it.

Sentences of Practice
  1. I have to practice my French

  2. Principles of education and practice and

  3. Current nursing practice

Synonyms of Practice

fashion, habit, doing, wont, repetition, method, exercise, procedure, operation, execution, system, policy, rule, action, preparation, institution, custom, study, training, way, rehearsal, use, implementation, application, convention, tradition, enactment, routine