Definition of Restricted:

  1. Having an enforced limitation or constraint of some sort. Access to the Pentagon has become increasingly restricted since the terror attacks in 2001..

  2. Limited in extent, number, scope, or action.

Synonyms of Restricted

Angustifoliate, Angustirostrate, Angustisellate, Angustiseptal, Arcane, Authoritative, Bound, Bounded, Boxed in, Cabalistic, Cabined, Censored, Circumscribed, Classified, Cloistered, Close, Close-fitting, Closed, Concealed, Conditioned, Confined, Constricted, Copyrighted, Cramp, Cramped, Cribbed, Crowded, Cryptic, Dark, Detained, Determinate, Disciplined, Enclosed, Enigmatic, Esoteric, Expert, Feature, Featured, Finite, Fixed, Hedged, Hedged about, Hedged in, Hemmed in, Hermetic, Hidden, Hush-hush, Icebound, Impounded, In confinement, Incapacious, Incommodious, Isthmian, Isthmic, Kept in, Knowledgeable, Landlocked, Latent, Leavened, Limited, Meager, Mitigated, Moderated, Modified, Modulated, Mysterious, Narrow, Near, Occult, Off limits, Out of bounds, Patented, Pent, Pent-up, Precise, Prescribed, Proscribed, Qualified, Scant, Scanty, Seasoned, Secret, Shut-in, Slender, Smothered, Snowbound, Softened, Specialist, Specialistic, Specialized, Stifled, Stinted, Strait, Straitened, Suppressed, Technical, Tempered, Tight, Top secret, Ulterior, Unbreatheable, Under restraint, Under security, Under wraps, Undisclosable, Undisclosed, Undivulgable, Undivulged, Unrevealable, Unrevealed, Unspoken, Untellable, Untold, Unutterable, Unuttered, Unwhisperable, Windbound, Cramped, Confined, Constricted, Small, Narrow, Compact, Tight, Poky, Minimal, Sparse, Inadequate

How to use Restricted in a sentence?

  1. Western scientists had only restricted access to the site.

Meaning of Restricted & Restricted Definition

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