Restricted Assets

Restricted Assets,

Restricted Assets means,

  1. Restricted Assets means, Money or other ASSETs that are used for certain purposes related to the agreement, in whole or in part, are prohibited.

Literal Meanings of Restricted Assets


Meanings of Restricted:
  1. Limited in scope, number, scope or process.

Sentences of Restricted
  1. Western scientists have limited access to the site

Synonyms of Restricted

constricted, sparse, cramped, narrow, minimal, inadequate, compact, tight, confined, small, poky


Meanings of Assets:
  1. A useful or valuable thing or person.

Sentences of Assets
  1. Immediate reflexes are your main strength

Synonyms of Assets

resource, selling point, merit, good point, attractive feature, blessing, benefit, strong suit, boon, advantage, aid, strength, bonus, talent, attraction, strong point, help, forte, recommendation, gift, value, long suit, virtue, beauty