Definition of Restoration:

  1. Bringing companies back to their original large-scale operations after a disaster.

  2. Restore a device or feature after repairing or replacing a part.

  3. Restore the entire group of some animals and plants in the ecosystem after the destruction of pollution or human activities.

Synonyms of Restoration

Regress, Palingenesis, Uplift, Advancement, Retrogression, Restructuring, Preferment, Retrieve, Clearance, Revulsion, Remand, Fortification, Reconversion, Enrichment, Regression, Retrogradation, Re-formation, Refashioning, Recoupment, Repossession, Betterment, Retroversion, Rebuilding, Reclamation, Regenesis, Giving back, Boost, Copy, Rationalization, Upping, Reversion, Redoing, Reoccupation, Remaking, Melioration, Lift, Revindication, Recommitment, Backsliding, Reddition, Reinstatement, Renovation, Euthenics, Justification, Reverting, Retaking, Destigmatization, Backing, Retake, Promotion, Retrieval, Lapse, Reproduction, Duplication, Reinstitution, Explanation, Purgation, Revision, Advance, Reverse, Trover, Refurbishment, Reissue, Re-creation, Regainment, Reclaiming, Recidivism, Recidivation, Improvement, Recovery, Redemption, Ransom, Purging, Resumption, Rehabilitation, Disenchantment, Recapture, Reshaping, Flip-flop, Progress, Return, Rejuvenation, Headway, Rebirth, Bettering, Imitation, Remandment, Reestablishment, Reprinting, Renewal, Turn, Renascence, Enhancement, Extradition, Revival, Relapse, Restoring, Salvage, Sending back, Regeneration, Repair, Vitaminization, Slipping back, Ascent, Rise, Destigmatizing, Upward mobility, Great Leap Forward, Rendition, Exculpation, Amelioration, Mending, Turnabout, Retrocession, Upbeat, Reversal, Eugenics, Vindication, Reconstruction, Repetition, Recuperation, About-face, Recoup, Reconstitution, Replevin, Upswing, Remitter, Redesign, Clearing, Reedition, Uptrend, Restitution, Returning, Mend, Amendment, Reorganization, Furtherance, Resurrection, Replevy, Pickup, Progression, Repatriation

Meaning of Restoration & Restoration Definition