Rest means,

One party is said to have dropped or rejected his claim when he provided all the evidence he wanted to present.

Meanings of Rest

  1. Stop working or hanging out to relax, refresh or recharge.

  2. Position or support so that it stays in a special position.

  3. Based on or depending on.

  4. Settle on litigation or defense in any legal case.

  5. Case or rest phase or cessation of intense or stressful activity.

  6. Quiet interval with a certain duration.

  7. An object is used to hold something.

  8. Default or living in a special condition.

Sentences of Rest

  1. I need to rest after fever activity.

  2. Your elbow is resting on the arm of the sofa.

  3. The security of the country depends on your unity.

  4. Delay rate

  5. Looks like you need a break.

  6. Silence, staring and sudden dynamic changes create moments of wonder.

  7. ■■■■ strap

  8. You can be assured that he will do his best to help you.

  9. What do you want to do all your life

Synonyms of Rest

be based on, be founded on, stand, carry on being, bracket, rack, plinth, take a break, repose, let up, brace, shelf, revolve around, lie, prop, unbend, sit back, have a break, slack off, loll, support, take a nap, relax, be contingent on, recline, rely on

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Rest Definition:

  1. A party is said to have dropped its claim or rejected it when it provided all the evidence it wanted to present.

Meanings of Rest

  1. Stop working or moving to rest, sleep or regain strength.

  2. Stand up or lean back to stay in a certain position.

  3. Construction depends on it.

  4. Complete the presentation of the case in court or in the Public Prosecutor's Office of one of the parties.

  5. An example or interval

  6. Quiet period of a certain length.

  7. An object that is used to hold something.

  8. There is something left.

  9. A small part of an organ or tissue.

  10. Rally in real tennis

  11. Stay or stay in a certain state.

Sentences of Rest

  1. armrest

  2. You can be sure that he will do everything he can.

Synonyms of Rest

ease, remain, sit down, catch some Zs, be dependent on, frame, flop, luxuriate, go to bed, period of repose, intermission, laze, holder, vacay, respite, unwind, stand down, have/take a siesta, depend on, loaf, slumber