Definition of Responsibility:

  1. Obligation or obligation to perform or perform a task satisfactorily (commissioned by someone or in accordance with his promises or circumstances) which must be fulfilled and will result in non-compliance penalty ۔ .

  2. There is a responsibility to deal with or control the situation or the facts.

Synonyms of Responsibility

Practice, Intendance, Credit, Onus, Full power, Devolution, Attribution, Consignment, Accountability, Commission, Liability, Oversight, Trustability, Management, Commissioning, Control, Cure, Trusteeship, Responsibleness, Handling, Sureness, Ascription, Regency, Unperfidiousness, Warrant, Honor, Reliability, Office, Commitment, Untreacherousness, Arrogation, Proxy, Sense of obligation, Derivation from, Leadership, Etiology, Regentship, Dedication to duty, Management, Working, Incorruptibility, Plenipotentiary power, Amenability, Authority, Occupation, Conduct, License, Obligation, Devolvement, Functioning, Steering, Application, Authority, Accountableness, Operation, Auspices, Answerableness, Supervision, Blame, Dependability, Assignment, Duty, Incumbency, Agency, Bossing, Work, Delegation, Culpability, Manipulation, Empowerment, Saddling, Accounting for, Direction, Trust, Action, Trustworthiness, Jurisdiction, Care, Purview, Fault, Guilt, Power of attorney, Unfalseness, Deputation, Embassy, Burden, Factorship, Role, Performing, Dutifulness, Legation, Running, Errand, Eye, Power, Inviolability, Driving, Mandate, Vicarious authority, Agentship, Exercise, Exequatur, Placement, Workings, Palaetiology, Lieutenancy, Attachment, Delegated authority, Reference to, Chargeability, Authorization, Devotion to duty, Entrustment, Operancy, Stability, Trustiness, Duteousness, Influence, Procuration, Job, Brevet, Superintendence, Answerability, Mission, Performance, Executorship, Entrusting, Task, Sense of duty, Assignation, Charge, Faithworthiness, Connection with, Execution, Surveillance, Power to act, Imputation

How to use Responsibility in a sentence?

  1. As a manager, you have a responsibility to make sure everyone is focused and doing the right thing.
  2. I'm totally responsible for waking her up in the morning so we can walk and then go to lunch.
  3. As a manager, it is your responsibility to assign the right job to the right people.
  4. A true leader is in charge of your team and helps you achieve your goals.

Meaning of Responsibility & Responsibility Definition